US reaches trade deal with Japan

US reaches trade deal with Japan

President Trump says he has agreed in principle with the Japanese prime minister on a trade deal. Japan has agreed to buy an excess of U.S. corn.

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69 Responses

  1. J- Anon says:

    I’m so old I remember when everything was made in Japan.
    Sent us more GT-Rs and anime produces please
    I love Japanese made products

    • Sir_Valion says:

      If you recall most Japanese products were cheap junk back in the 50s and 60s, like China now, but they upped their game bigtime in the 70s and beyond gradually becoming legendary for quality.

    • Wikkitt Klown says:

      Unreliable Nissan cars, and anime ???? that’s what you think Japan is all about??? You have alot to learn.

    • Stephen Webb says:

      @Wikkitt Klown Nissan is not known for unreliabity. Your bias is shown with that statement.

  2. queefreak says:

    Every fair country to the USA will become more prosperous when we take our business from China and share it with our friends

  3. Paul None Ya says:

    Thank you Japan. Much respect for your beautiful country and people.

  4. Justin Brandt says:

    I admit I completely underestimated Trump as far as what he would actually achieve and do the things he said he would do while campaigning. Let’s see what he can do with another 4 years.

  5. Charlysteen Stevens says:

    Trump will make a deal if a GOOD deal can be made. Maybe career politicians can learn how if they are not blinded by ideology. Trump 2020.

  6. Chuckles9191991 says:

    That’s how u do it. If China doesn’t want to play fair, we have a president with the balls to take our business some place else. Well done Mr.President.

  7. Eric says:

    China is watching itself get side-stepped. With their Hong Kong uprisings and now financial instabilities… one can feel sorry for communist China, their industrial espionage, their cut-throat business tactics, their outright theft of our technology and products.

    • MuckoMan says:

      Eric Not to mention China building islands in the ocean loaded with planes and weapons and warning our navy to stay away from their land when its international waters.

    • Burna 26 says:

      All good but don’t forget China holds the receipt for much of our debt and if teamed with the Russians there’s no way we beat them at war. All good with Trump right now his eventual successor will need to deal with the fallout in 4 yrs.

    • James Reilly says:

      Burna 26 neither nation has a real blue water navy. Each nation hasdecrepit aircraft carriers. One or 2 each. Neither nation has troop transport capacities approaching US level. This is PEACETIME readiness. In wartime? …

  8. Ryan Valdez says:

    Japanese people take pride in all they do. I haven’t met any that weren’t extremely proud and hardworking. I lived in Japan and my hosts were dead set on making sure everything was always up to standard.

    • Muralidhar reddy says:

      So much pride, that they can’t take it anymore and commit sucide.

    • Robie Robertson says:

      This is nothing new Japan already buys from us they can only buy so much they can’t compete with China China has a lot of mouths to feed China buys a lot of products

  9. NPC 862949 says:

    Im so sick of literally everything saying Made in China…such a disgrace

  10. Last First says:

    I’m just glad TRUMP born here in America and not in China.

  11. Andre Williams says:

    Japanese are the shining star of the Pacific, proud to have them as a friend

  12. Carlos Carpinteyro says:

    Excellent job! Kudos to Japan for stepping up, where China left off. That’s how you do trade, mutual respect= win, win, for both sides!!

    • christophermarang. says:

      What jobs? There only agreeing to buy back stock (likely at a massive discount) nothing about this deal even sounds massively profitable for anyone (except maybe Japan). I don’t even think this thing will be sold as it current is arranged, then Trump will twitter then Japan will back out, don’t you people see trends? I swear this dude can throw a cup of quarters from a fifty story window, killing 10 people and tout that he provided care for the homeless.

  13. mxcjoe says:

    BAM!! How about that? That’s doing business. Thanks President Trump.

  14. DenisK says:

    While Democrats argue about who’s gonna be the runner up, Trump keeps making the country better. 2020 for the win!

    • Christopher Chamberlain says:

      Yes by cutting a trade deal with a country that just surpassed China in US treasury holdings and that has negative interest rates. Soon you will be hating Japan. What happened to bringing factories back to the USA?

    • Ingleprop Noosegarm says:

      @Christopher Chamberlain You are like the remoaners in the UK – out of touch with reality, bitter, and on the wrong side of history.

  15. kileysean says:

    President Trump, you are wrong. I’m still not “tired of all of this winning”! We need 6 more years!

  16. kevin maxey says:

    Way to go President Trump. Our farmers need all the help they can get. Stay tough on China. Dont cut them one inch of slack!

    • Blasian Babies says:

      Norman Alvarez American farmers can sell to Americans, and to countries that the ChiComs ended up cutting off during the trade war. If the ChiComs buy from someone else, then another area is going to get our product instead.

    • C F says:

      @Blasian Babies nope, if that were going to happen it already would be. Farmers are being destroyed

    • sly angler says:

      Make new trade deals all over the world and replace every dime in dollars trading with China.. Then tell them we don’t need you anymore..


      Soon american farmers will file for bankrupcy

    • YoshiPeach Mario says:

      @sly angler Conversely, them buying from others will also mean they won’t need you…

  17. Trina Love says:

    Perfect! Well done President Trump. Congratulations!! God bless you, our farmers, America and Japan.

  18. Elizabeth Suarez says:

    God bless Japan and the United States of America. May this treaty last for hundreds and hundreds of years Amen AmeriJapan! ????

  19. Keith Smith says:

    Very good news to hear that the U.S. and Japan are focusing on growing their countries together.

  20. Nick Enjel says:

    This is big news.
    Assembled in the USA, made in Japan.
    POTUS go get some much-needed rest.

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