US singer Christina Grimmie shot dead after Orlando concert

US singer Christina Grimmie shot dead after Orlando concert

US singer Christina Grimmie has been shot dead. The 22-year-old rose to fame after appearing on the American talent show, The Voice.

She was targeted by an unidentified gunman as she signed autographs after performing at a concert venue in Orlando, Florida. Grimmie was rushed to hospital but later died of her injuries.

The perpetrator was tackled by her brother but managed to fatally shoot himself in the head.

Christina Grimmie was performing w/ @beforeyouexit After the show, she & band…

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20 Responses

  1. Aqua Core says:

    it was probably one of the people who didnt win. they saw she one and went
    to get there so called ‘revenge’

  2. Ana Gutierrez says:

    She was young to die?

  3. Trent Anderson says:

    I honestly thought the thumbnail said “finally” shot.

  4. Matt Mortenson says:


  5. Aly Millane says:

    Gun control.

  6. Takyon says:

    zeldalover forever r.i.p.

  7. Ricky Sanchez says:

    I hate world a little bit more now

  8. Jessica Valenzuela says:

    rip u r an angle

  9. Veronia Lopez says:

    idk who she is at all,but no good person should die this way

  10. Bert Marc says:

    Who is the mysterious killer ?

  11. Xavier Variety says:


  12. Vomit The Soul says:

    lol this must of taken place at gun free zone ?

  13. Carrot Cake says:

    calm down America this is what you asked for

  14. Fluffy Kitten says:

    Its horrible how things like this happen. Honestly it takes so much to make
    a person yet it takes one to end them.

    Yet serial killers and bombers aren’t all that we have to worry about. We
    have natural disasters, depression, drugs, and alcohol killing us.

    Sadly there is nothing we can do to bring her back. And we are all sad but
    then look over there and we see a person slowly killing themselves. They
    can do something about it and they chose nothing. We life for granted and
    that in itself is a tragedy.

  15. Political Princess says:

    Word is Donald Trump ordered the hit to take the heat off his campaign.

  16. Angel Sanchez says:

    critics said she didn’t have a shot in the industry anyway

  17. corinne o'reilly says:

    Hopefully her beautiful voice is singing in heaven

  18. Crispin Bacon says:

    lol. They put US in the title just to make the Europeans happy. Because
    certain Europeans hate the US.

  19. JIGSofjoy says:

    TeamGrimmie 4 lyfe

  20. Neurax Destroyer says:

    oh well life sucks then you die.
    things happen
    We will all die one day