USA 🇺🇸 vs Lithuania 🇱🇹 | J9 Highlights | FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023

USA 🇺🇸 vs Lithuania 🇱🇹 | J9 Highlights | FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023

#FIBAWC #WinForAll

Watch the game highlights between United States and Lithuania in the First Round of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023.

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50 Responses

  1. FIBA - The Basketball Channel says:

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  2. Marisol says:

    The coach saw the weakness of team USA and they have high percentage on the three point area. Jonas Valanciunas is lethal. Congratulations Lithuania 🇱🇹🇵🇭

  3. ingars31 says:

    Congratulations Braliukas from Latvia! Braļukas mēs darām lielas lietas…eh kā gribētos Latvijas un Lietuvas finālu!!! 💪

  4. ᵃˢᵈᶠᵍᵃ says:

    Lithuania going strong! 💪So happy to be in top 8 with brothers Latvians 😍🇱🇹🤝🇱🇻 Small nations big heart. Best of luck for us in the rest of the tournament. Glory to Baltics!

    • Goman Report says:

      Very hard match for you against Germany…

    • Mobi s.A says:


    • YoungBae 518 says:

      Called it. Canada is gonna be the world champs. This USA team doesn’t even play that good against the terrible teams, ya’ll mad hyping them up for shts. Lol. All these Anthony Edwards/Austin hype are so annoying.

    • RM Alfaro says:

      ​@YoungBae 518 Canada is not invincible at all, lol! In fact, they got beaten up by Brazil a few days ago!

    • YoungBae 518 says:

      @RM Alfaro when Canada plays well they dominate. Thats the difference. USA even against a team like Cape Verde only beat them near the finish. we’ll see if they meet. Point is USA isnt gonna be the champ this yr either. Ya’ll mad hyping Edwards and Austin for nothing. They losers.

  5. FIBA - The Basketball Channel says:


  6. Μπραντ Νιού says:

    Congratulations Lithuania! 🇱🇹
    From Greece 🇬🇷

    • Ninty Nine says:

      Thank you friend! Don’t be sad for Greece, next time you’ll do better!

    • Petros Yir says:

      ​​@Ninty Ninewe would be sad if we were playing this tournament with a full roster and failed. Even our best player got injured 1 day before the start of the tournament and we were forced to play with 11 players… that says it all about Greece’s luck this year

    • Ninty Nine says:

      @Petros Yir I know mate. But just to point it out, Lithuania is playing with it’s B national team as well. Plus both of our teams are starved from big victories.. Anyways, it was a hard game, despite all your loses.

    • A1 says:

      ​@Ninty NineAnd USA is playing with a C tier roster 😂

    • Ninty Nine says:

      @A1 You are right. But mate, USA can’t complain, you can form multiple teams with top talent. Your team is still the favorite to win the tournament! :p
      It was a great game 😉

  7. solidsn2011 says:

    Congrats to Lithuania from Greece! Our team unfortunately couldn’t do much better this year as we didn’t have available so many great players. It’s always a pleasure to see Lithuania do so well in any tournament as Lithuanian basketball is top in Europe! Well deserved and I hope you take it this year!

    • Truth Hearer says:

      Stop overrating yourself, even with those missing players Sloukas, Calathes (who were better back then) and Giannis (same level) a weaker USA team smoked you in 2019.

    • Ndnd says:

      @Truth Hearer2019 was 4 years ago they have improved obviously.

    • the tickler of testicles 🇱🇹 says:

      sorry about that one good luck next time in 2027! 🇱🇹🤝🇬🇷

    • Christian G says:

      You shouldn’t forget Lithuania also missing some stars, i am always impressed how they manage to have an elite basketball national team with less then 3 Million people and they can even manage to miss – Sabonis, Giedraitis, Lekavicius, Ulanovas and Marius Grigonis … Did i miss someone?

    • solidsn2011 says:

      @Truth Hearer I am not overrating anything. I believe Greece belongs to the top 8 best teams when they are complete. In the past we had Diamantidis, Spanoulis, Papaloukas and Printezis! You’ll see the new guys will improve and I’m sure we will do wonders in the following competitions.

  8. Jabari Lateef says:

    Congrats to Lithuania on a great game. Came out with a clear game plan, caught fire early, and even though there were mistakes in the second half they kept executing. Killed us on the boards. We’ll be back for a rematch!! Greetings from USA 🇺🇸

    • Ninty Nine says:

      Thank you for kind words! USA players and coaches were so humble after the loss, that left an impression for sure.
      Let’s have a rematch in the finals, what do you say? 😉

    • AoTeArOa says:

      This is the kind of comment I like to see. No moaning saying, oh we don’t have our best team there blah blah. The players there now are worth millions of dollars and are great players in the NBA.

      I like this attitude. I have no doubt USA will come back strong. Congrats to Lithuania 🇱🇹. Awesome game to watch

    • commiebanlist says:

      No way have I read a first comment that congratulates the non losers. So hard to find manners these days. Thank you good sir. I still think Usa will take it all with 8-1 record.

    • Dismantled Brain says:

      @AoTeArOa Those people also get on my nerves.
      It’s okay to comment about the team roster before the tournament, but what’s the point of following the games and moaning about the quality of the players and how their best players are not playing (which is true for many countries).

      They take pride in their wins, but belittle the team when they lose.
      So stupid.

    • Kazytė Prunskė says:

      @HallofGame503 thank you! We will wait for you guys in rematch 😉 Have a nice day 🙂

  9. SERINORT says:

    Felicidades Lituania desde 🇲🇽. Gran juego

  10. Čema says:

    Lithuania and Latvia play some serious basketball. Nothing but respect from Serbia. See you in the QF.

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