USA: ‘Heil Trumpler!’ Protesters attack Trump, one with TOMATOES, in Iowa

USA: ‘Heil Trumpler!’ Protesters attack Trump, one with TOMATOES, in Iowa

Angry protesters heckled the speech of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a campaign rally at the University of Iowa in Iowa City on Wednesday, with at least two tomatoes being thrown at Trump. At least three protesters expressed their opposition to Trump and his policies, all of whom were removed from the event by security officials.

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20 Responses

  1. tiborvivi says:

    Must be some commie punks or jewish hooligans at that university? Get them
    out of our country! “Heil Trumpler”???? That faggot whitenigga watched too
    much CNN or MSNBC…And why nobody punched him in the face or kick his
    shitty ass? If I am there I would knock off his teeth

  2. Alex Felipe says:

    where was the tomato

  3. jack hawksworth says:

    Has Make America GREAT AGAIN banner, wonder who else said something

  4. A Smith says:

    Obama is more like Hitler than trump you dumb ass self entitled spoiled
    kids need to learn a few things you would rather be slaves to the current
    corrupt government then grow some balls and fight for your rights unless
    you have bled and fought for your country you should shut the fuck up

  5. Lionel Messi says:

    #trump uses a wig

  6. kenjrdz007 says:

    Red neck red neck red neck and more red necks oh and the KKK !!!!

  7. marshmallow girl says:

    America is already fucked we never learn from our mistakes and look where
    put us now the same shit happing but in different form.

  8. Luck says:

    Trump 2016! Fuck everyone not from the US trying to convince people to not
    vote Trump. Especially Canadians that are letting their pretty boy import
    200,000 undocumented Muslims into their country without questioning it at
    all. And now the US has to pick up the slack and figure out what the fuck
    is going on. Keep that shit up and we’ll have to build a second wall.

  9. Halo kid studios says:

    nothing happend

  10. Jonathan Nagel says:

    Liberal idiots here nothing more.. Trump 2016 weather you like it or not.

  11. Hector Adriano says:

    If Trump can’t handle a few protesters at a rally. They have a right to go
    there and express their opinions that Trump sucks. “Trumpers” can boo at
    them all they want but they can’t move you unless you are endangering
    others safety or becoming violent. Trumpers would attack protesters and get
    aggressive just because they don’t agree with them.

  12. Raul Duke says:

    Don’t worry most Trump supporters would either be too drunk or stupid to
    cast their vote anyway . That’s what happens when you appeal to the lowest
    common denominator.

  13. luke copeland says:

    Look at that crowd. Full of idiots. Full of rednecks. Full of in-breads.
    Fucking idiot hypocrites.

  14. Steve Caringello says:

    CIA throwing tomatoes at Trump on Obamas orders… Have to keep our assests
    in use!

  15. David Saljughee says:

    I hope trump dies

  16. Jonathan Alfaro says:

    I’m voting for trump because he came out in wwe and beat mr. McMahon and
    shaved his head.

  17. Tori Walthers says:

    I feel like if he wins shit will go down ….

  18. George Guadron says:

    next time

  19. John Bigger says:

    It’s a shame it didn’t hit him in the head and knock his fake hair off.

  20. RandomNothing says:

    Trump FTW!