USA v Netherlands – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ – THE FINAL

USA v Netherlands – FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ – THE FINAL

USA retained the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, winning it for a fourth time, after beating the Netherlands in the France 2019 Final.

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64 Responses

  1. Mj Xerxes says:

    Netherland goalkeeper 0-2 USA

  2. Tony Le says:

    Congratulation to the USA women’s soccer teams. I love you all ❤️????

  3. TheCoolAbdo T.C.A says:

    This is what we expected, right!?
    But what a goalkeeper the Netherlands have, brilliant..

    • James Ricker says:

      Except during the penalty kick.
      But she did stop 3 that would have gotten by other goalkeepers.

    • Jonathan Wortelboer says:

      @James Ricker If the penalty taker keeps his/her nerves (and obviously has enough skills to get the ball where he/she wants it, but that’s a given at this level) any goalkeeper won’t stand a chance at that distance. A lot of players choose a corner beforehand, but Rapinoe was particularly strong under the pressure to wait until van Veenendaal had committed to a corner before she placed her shot. Once you are on the wrong foot it’s physically impossible to get to the other corner.

    • Jai Mankondar says:

      Maria maria too many soft penalties in this World Cup.

    • Jai Mankondar says:

      L G devoid of an intelligent comeback?

  4. RandomVideos says:

    1974, 1978, 2010 and now 2019. The curse is true.. The Netherlands is forever second.

    • Matthew Mohawk says:

      RandomVideos 1988 euro champion men and 2017 Euro champion women

    • Maria maria says:

      No complain for being second they played really fair and no cheating

    • James Hetfield says:

      @Maria maria *cough* Arjen Robben dive in 2014

    • Jonathan Wortelboer says:

      @vince 058 Nah, Spain in 2010 was clearly stronger as well. Besides, I would have been ashamed if they had won a game where they should have gotten 2 red cards in the first half. (and probably would have if it hadn’t been the final)

    • Shawn Mendes Central says:

      Dressing Room Celebrations ???

  5. andy 80 andy 80 says:

    Congratulations USA won the World Cup for the fourth time ?
    They play an impressive game ?
    Netherlands has nothing to lose or to be sad about.
    Thats a great achievement to be in the final , well done

  6. kitai says:

    Congratulations usa from Thailand.
    We forgive you

    • Nafisah Mohamed says:

      Hello neighbour and ASEAN compatriot. Love and respect for your team and you. From Malaysia.

    • Tee Dee says:

      kitai – Screw forgiveness, Thailand. Because as Scotsman & legendary Liverpool FC manager, Bill Shanky once said & I quote…”Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.”

  7. Melissa de Groot says:

    A deserved win! But tremendous stamina and goal keeping on the Dutch part ?? our time will come! Good job girls! Congratulations USA!

    • Di Wi says:

      Melissa de Groot She made the game exciting. It would have been boring to score easily. She made the USA work for the win. She should be very proud of her performance.

  8. David Ellis says:

    ?? earned it the hard way , they worked for it. Solid win & ? to keep ? in the ?? ?

  9. Karim says:

    Its hard to be a Dutch fan sometimes…..
    Nations league runner-up
    Women WC runner-up

  10. PINAU GAMES Android says:

    Congratulations USA???and Netherlands ?? ? from France ?? Good game goalkeeper Netherlands?

  11. Max Leb says:

    2 Golden Balls of the World Cup !
    Rose Lavelle and Christal Dunn !

  12. Alice says:

    Lavelle is my favorite player of this entire tournament. She did very well during this entire tournament, her and Dunn are underrated.

  13. Robert Ivey says:

    Mad respect for both sides. You did great, Netherlands. Congratulations on the victory, home-girls.

    • Aussies_are_white 00 says:

      Robert Ivey Dutch should give up football after this performance

    • Barrosy says:

      @Aussies_are_white 00 you’re such a little whiff wining at every comment with all of your toxicity talk. The Netherlands did great and so did US. Next time we might be able to win, better watch them come.

    • Furkan Bozdag says:

      @Aussies_are_white 00 USA sucked

  14. HelloWorld163 says:

    We, the Dutch, have come far as a nation in women’s football. Four years ago, we played our first Word Cup with a team that was unknown to the public. Now, we have won the Euros, finished second during the World Cup and qualified for the Olympics. Viewing figures are very high, our women play in sold-out stadiums, and the Dutch players are becoming commercially active too.

    Leeuwinnen, bedankt!

    • BebbiaJ says:

      @HelloWorld163 We’re not all jerks.

    • dacypher22 says:

      Your keeper is absolute class. Great game, Netherlands!

    • HelloWorld163 says:

      @BebbiaJ I get that, that guy isn’t doing you any favours.

      I mean we’re just happy that our small country is able to achieve such big things. Please remember that the USA is literally 20 times bigger than the Netherlands.

  15. Stray Stay says:

    America first, the Netherlands second. We stay true to our words (rip haha). I love you If you get the reference, congrats everyone ??❤??

  16. PTRK says:

    As a dutchie, i want to congratulate the US women team with the victory. You were too powerful for us. As much as dissapointed i am, but at the same time i’m very proud of our women! Mad respect for Rapinoe, what a player! And also our goalie, Sari van Veenendaal! You really did deserve the trophy best goalie of the tournament. Hopefully we will meet team USA again in the future!????

  17. Silke Bremer says:

    America first, Netherlands second. I think I heard that before?

    • lucis spectre says:

      Mark C. oh yes, the netherlands was forcibly bombed and destroyed at the hands of the nazis but since some fans in the french stadium yelled something the dutch are suddenly collaborating with nazis.

    • Jason C. says:

      FIFA Women’s World Cup. USA – 4 (1991, 1999, 2015, 2019), Netherlands – 0 (Nota, None, Zip, Zilch).

    • blub blub says:

      @Mark C. Angry American, please dont forget your cholesterol and take your xanax

  18. Dewdew says:

    That penalty broke the whole game


    Congratulation ?? USA champions world Cup in France 2019

  20. Gabrielle W says:

    As a half Dutch half American living in the US, I couldn’t be happier with the results! Well played to everyone!!!!!!!!!! ????

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