USA vs. Argentina | 2016 Copa America Highlights

USA vs. Argentina | 2016 Copa America Highlights

Relive Tuesday’s Copa America semifinal action between the United States and Argentina.

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20 Responses

  1. Juan Alvarez says:

    Whooo!!! USA! USA! USA! Better than 7-0 !!!

  2. Bahurin Gumeta says:

    Mexicans fans right now

  3. Kraquerman says:

    Both CONCACAF top teams (MEX and US) were outclassed by CONMEBOL elites.

  4. tim w says:

    why does usa always think they have “improved”? everytime they play a
    nation that actually knows how to play soccer, they get trounced like they
    have no business being on the same field. geez.

  5. Saeed Alshehri says:

    The U.S is just suck at football.

  6. Elisabeth koch says:

    They didn’t lose out of a lack of skill. They lost out of a lack of drive.
    It was obvious the US didn’t believe they could win this game and they
    clearly presented it in their play. Guzan didn’t try for balls he could
    have otherwise gotten. The entire defense practically gave up once
    Argentina was in the attacking third. Bradley tried holding the ball until
    pressure arrived, every time. And even wondo didn’t have his heart in this
    game. I’m not implying the US would have won if they tried their hardest
    but they might have at least prevented or scored more goals.

  7. Ed Estrella says:

    Seriously? lol quit comparing the score of this game to the score of
    another game. both US and Mexico played like crap and were equally
    terrible. Yes mexico lost by 3 goals more but we didn’t have a shot on
    target. It honestly looked like this game was like a charity game of 12
    year olds playing against Argentina and Argentina went easy on them because
    they’re kids lol.

  8. analyst pamper says:

    don’t mess with messi

  9. xXcow gamingXx MLG says:

    The us men’s team is bad but the us women’s would kill Argentina

  10. john jaxon says:

    wheres that announcer that was butthurt after losing to colombia now?

  11. Adrian Sanchez says:

    Lmao well Messi just shut them down ?

  12. Noe Hernandez says:

    The U.S fans really don’t care about this game. At least 80% of the
    population dosent. I mean I do cause I like Football but I have yet to hear
    people talk about how sad they are about U.S lost. Not that many people
    care. Anyways good game Argentina, hopefully Messi can get you a Cup.

  13. redcrucible2ify says:

    USMNT fans actually thought they stood a chance ? Argentina didn’t want to
    embarrass the hosts even more so obviously they held back a lot. Realty
    check for ya shitty NT

  14. jose casillas says:

    Welcome to the club.


    A Mexico fan.

  15. Adnan Kashogi says:

    Totally out classed Nagbe and Pulisic should have started we need more
    players who are good with the ball and can take on defenders. US couldnt
    hold the ball for 5 seconds it was embarrassing

  16. Khoi Nguyen says:

    Argentina was simply too good for the USMNT. Hopefully USMNT can improve in
    the future, and maybe they can compete with great teams such as Argentina.

  17. Gustavo Gonzalez says:

    better 4 than 7 I always say.

  18. Justin Fencsak says:

    let’s go USA on Saturday

  19. Jeremiah Wallace says:

    I like Ronaldo

  20. Alex says:

    -Soccer is growing in USA
    -In time the sport will be popular because of a growing population
    -Things will only get better
    -And Messi was on the other team.. The G.O.A.T .. Of course USA was bound
    to most likely lose