USA vs. Costa Rica | 2016 Copa America Highlights

USA vs. Costa Rica | 2016 Copa America Highlights

Relive Tuesday’s 2016 Copa America action between USA and Costa Rica.

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20 Responses

  1. stevenCTFxC1904 says:

    No era penal

  2. RIFLE XII says:

    I was kind of surprised. I didn’t expect a 4-0 game.

  3. aej aguirre says:

    Suck gooch

  4. Tony Montana says:

    jermaine jones tho

  5. Cris R says:

    Wonder how much money was poured into this game in order for it to be
    shifted to the favor of U.S ?

  6. Andy Garcia says:

    The USA had the most perfectly executed plan, very good tactically, just
    shows how possession won’t always win you games.

  7. Ño Limit Ricko says:

    USA beat Costa Rica without Navas and they’re hype Who made it out first in
    a group of death in the world cupCosta Rica or USAI respect Klinsmann tho

  8. Jew did Nazi it Thrumping says:

    No tactics whatsoever that’s not going to help you when you come up to
    strong teams with good defence and midfield.

  9. Gonzalo Novaco says:

    I’m from the future telling you..

    DAM USA 4-0


  10. yankbastard says:

    At least there wasn’t any snow for them to complain about.

  11. Abraham Herrera says:

    This was one of those games that wasn’t enjoyable to watch.

  12. David012186 says:

    Great win by the USA, they were a whole different team in this match than
    they were agaisnt Colombia, they will go through if they win the next game
    agaisnt Paraguay. USA has great players.

  13. Bill Billy says:

    played like juniors, awful

  14. Joel Ortega says:

    Nice win guys! Glad we are picking momentum.

  15. Jd Dehl says:

    YES!!! this is exactly what we needed! The US always show up when they’re
    expected too

    Not sure if anyone here watches the HERD with Collin Cowherd but on his his
    show Yesterday,He talked about how the Women’s national team is better than
    the men’s because of culture…..WHAT??? that is absoloutley 100% not the
    reason…the only good women’s national teams besides the US
    are-Germany-France-Japan-Brazil-Canada and MAYBE England.The men actually
    play quality opponents…Unless we HAVE to..You don’t see the MNT playing
    Haiti for a friendly and then beating them 23-0 LOL! Besides those 6 teams
    I listed,,for the US WNT their’s no real competition.

  16. Jd Dehl says:

    Booby Wood…the HAWAIIAN MESSI!!!!!

  17. Marcos Ibarra says:

    I cheer for Mexico but live in the USA . Proud of the USA for this game.
    2nd choice for sure

  18. KatiushaVN4 says:

    Costa Rica could have won if Ruiz were there.

  19. CentralAmerican13 says:

    I bet everything would change if Keylor Navas was there. I know he’s not
    attack,midfielder or defense he just goalkeeper but he do save a lot of

  20. Andrew Gates says:

    lets see how far the US gets