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The United States defeated Spain, 98-88. Jalen Brunson led the way with 22 points (9/9 FG) for the US, while Jaren Jackson Jr. added 12 points and 5 rebounds in the victory. The United States’ next game is Friday, August 18 vs. Greece at 12:00 PM EST

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56 Responses

  1. Sir Isaac Mormont says:

    That 4th Q defense by the US was clinical

  2. Man Of Culture says:

    For a team that didn’t really had a lot of time together they are playing well.

  3. Tino brown says:

    Spain is tough. A few costly turnovers seemed to really hurt them. The thing I love about this vid, is almost every made basket was off an assist. Beautiful basketball 🏀

  4. Sione Joe Uluenga says:

    The boys Defense was key when it was needed most in the last half!! USA to the World!!!

  5. Jeonghyo Lee says:

    Jalen Brunson 9-9 from the field to score 22 points and 5 assists 🔥🔥

  6. K-Dot says:

    Brunson’s game is perfect for international play.

  7. Brixcorder says:

    Tyrese gives the second unit such unique and different look, this team is super fun to watch

  8. Brandon says:

    Reaves was on point with his defense and movement in the 2nd half. Brunson was amazing and Ingram and Ant were giving me flashes Melo and Kobe back when they played 😅🔥

    • Ryan Escalante says:

      Ant Man having that #10 is so fitting. Living up to the number for sure.

    • DAVID DAJ says:

      @Ryan Escalanteno one is ever living up to that number bro.

    • ROAD2HOKAGE says:

      O hell naw u trippin these teams suck compared to older USA teams

    • Jack Flashh says:

      @ROAD2HOKAGEthat’s ain’t the point, nobody said they were.. this team doesn’t suck but we could be better and have more elite stars on the team.. this team is fun to watch, especially being an American and a basketball fan

    • dw8024 says:

      Why does this team get no respect this is a good USA team great potential and chemistry. Stop comparing them to the other past USA teams and let them be great

  9. J B says:

    Such a better basketball product than what we see in the NBA. Love contact not getting a whistle every single time.

    • Trafalgar D Water Law says:

      Yeah unless your wearing a Spain jersey. They didn’t allow the US to play as physical as they did against Slovenia and Puerto Rico. Which is very common Spain always has a favorable whistle

    • YRGminion says:

      U weren’t watching then Spain was getting every call

    • When Is dinner says:

      Funny you say that as the US throws out a 3rd or 4th string team and wins against everyone😂

    • davidhoopsfan says:

      @YRGminion i didnt watch the game tbh but it makes sense since the game was in malaga lol

  10. Prince Kurt Montales says:

    This Spain team is Tough, bunch of Current and Former NBA players too, they still haven’t lost their game, always a tough opponent for anyone. Salute to Team USA for staying with the game against a team with a bunch of experience playing international.

    • Jeff Hardy says:

      Spain are the reigning champions. USA is the tough opponent lol

    • Prince Kurt Montales says:

      @Jeff Hardy yeah but we all know who’s the better country 😏 this USA team is good but not compared to a team with NBA SUPERSTARS

    • Billy Summers says:

      ​@jeffhardy6333 US has won 6 out of the last 7 basketball tournaments. We know who the underdog is here

    • Jacob Walsh says:

      @jeffhardy6333 if guys like lebron, kd, kyrie, kwahi, butler, booker, tatum, ja, mitchell ect. actually played these international tournaments, Spain wouldn’t stand a chance

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