USB-C All The Things! (Pt 2)

USB-C All The Things! (Pt 2)

Dear manufacturers: We can’t USB-C all the things without your help.

Part 1:

Logitech MX Master 2S:
Samsung T5 SSD:

Video Gear I use:


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20 Responses

  1. Kyle O'Donnell says:

    England is my city

  2. James P says:

    I have a joke:

    A blind man walks into a bar. And a table. And some drinks. And people

  3. Serpentine says:

    An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. The first one orders 1 pint the second 1/2 of a pint and so on. The bartender gives them 2 pints and says “you guys just don’t know your limits”

  4. Timothy Paskal says:

    Iphone 9 – no charging port

  5. TheEpicTurban says:

    Anyone remember 3 years ago when everyone was shitting on apple for going usb-c? And now look at the comments saying that *insert brand here* is the true innovator for bringing in usb-c and making it mainstream. LMAO y’all crack me up!!!

  6. Akshay Mahajan says:

    No charging port or wireless charging in iPhone 9 and people will still buy it.

  7. Bizaxey says:

    Yet my friend still uses vga over hdmi.

  8. COMBO says:

    *USB 3.1 Gen 2* > *USB-C*

  9. Kyle Netherwood says:

    The iPhone should have USB C

  10. thomas wood says:

    USB type C isn’t here. I have never owned any type C cable or device.

  11. theofficialultra says:

    no downsides? what are dongles?

  12. Saurabh Suman says:

    It’s Twenty Seventeen

  13. Paul Pogpa says:

    I bet this comment will get -00000000 likes

  14. Dennis Fluttershy says:

    I’m still curious how well USB-C would look and work on a tower PC with USB-thumbdrives. Looks very fragile. The USB type-A is so much larger and sturdier, which works great for thumbdrives.

  15. DC Sizzle says:

    What’s the advantage of USB-C?

  16. Dylan McCoy says:

    I know the MacBook Pro gets a lot of hate for the 4 single type port, but I see it as a huge upgrade for my line of work. I can get to work plug in a single cable that connects to my 2 5k monitors, Razer Core with 1080Ti, and thunderbolt storage. IN A SINGLE CABLE!

  17. Lakshay Punj says:

    4 Years Later… Why Doesn’t Everyone Have USB Type-E??

  18. Crimson Ace says:

    War!!!!! (°~°)

  19. plopnow says:

    kys NO dont get rid of usb a because instead of starting to make a million different cables, just update usb to like 4.0 or such and keep the same size and design. There is ABSOLUTELY no need for smaller cables. *keep it simple keep it smart and stop making things complicated* _there’s a reason why it’s a _*_univeersal_*_ serial bus_

  20. Matthew Jardine says:

    *Cough* Microsoft Surface. They are selling expensive computers that have a visible planned obsolescence.

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