Used Car Commercial // 1996 Honda Accord

Used Car Commercial // 1996 Honda Accord

Buy the car here:

Written and Directed by Max Lanman
Cinematography by Christopher Ripley
Produced by Max Lanman & Christopher Ripley

Starring Anne Marie Avey
Voiceover by Matt Pratt
Featuring Papa Puff Pants
Additional Stunt Driving by Carrie

Original Score by Andrew Johnson
Sound Designed and Mixed by Colin Heath
Drone Piloting, Foley Recording, Editing, and Motion Graphics by Max Lanman
Color by Christopher Ripley

I’d like to send a special thanks to Burg for helping me record additional foley, Kelly and Chris for all the time you babysat and re-parked Greenie when we were out of town, Canon for helping out on the principal shoot day, and Brian for lending your handwriting to this.

Finally, a huge thanks to Carrie for letting me do this, even though it took me a lot longer than I had planned.

Thanks for watching!
– Max

P.S. Read the fine print!

Check out more of the director Max’s work here:

Check out more of the DP Chris’s work here:

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20 Responses

  1. Joshua De Los Santos says:

    That drone cost more than the car. Just sell the drone.

  2. Jorge Luiz says:

    Saw this on reddit, you should do that for living, well done!

  3. Ann Jackson says:

    OH NO!!!!! I have the EXACT CAR AND HAIR!!! Same color, year…honestly do I know you??? My car has 260k….LOVE IT!!! These cars don’t have electrical problems, excellent gas mileage..the hair?. Mine is so long I put it in a rubber band then clip it and go!!!!!!

  4. Wuzi Mu says:

    Because i deserve it.

  5. Minder says:

    Idk why but this made me laugh my ass off

  6. Evgenij Osadchij says:

    i can say only WOW!!! Honda must give you a job

  7. Angelo Teran says:

    The cat is included?

  8. Dan San says:

    The hilarity is strong with this one

  9. Kemp Frazier says:

    I dont get it y was this trending

  10. Erick Contreras says:

    Who tf would buy this POS for 20000

  11. Olansky says:

    96 accord is a go to car man any latino will buy it in a heart beat p.s that car way more than $499

  12. La muñeca RM says:


  13. Mr.Matt says:

    The bid on Ebay is over $20,000 now….

  14. seanb0a says:

    this dude made an ad go viral so the car could be bought by some rich dude for 20k

  15. Chris Kay says:

    Dude do you work for a market research firm or something? That was very moving

  16. Ken Workman says:

    Hi. I’m Tim, and I drive an Aries.

  17. Mr Valenzuela says:

    Hell $500!! I’d take it

  18. WhiteHawktriple7 says:

    Whats the problem? That baby’s got at least another 200k to go!

  19. USA says:

    Love the video! This is great. So much creativity on display here. Good luck with the sale, and if it falls through we’re always ready to buy the car.

  20. Thomas Haywood says:

    Car is worth $500, but this commercial is priceless.

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