Useless wireless duck

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We have a lot of ducks in the office

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20 Responses

  1. nebutch says:

    Ah, I see the “Working Effectively with Legacy Code” book on your desk.
    Great book! Unfortunately, there’s no entry on “You have a million retard
    comments from the Reddit zits”.

  2. Auto Race Motorsport says:

    shit , dislike , thing a lot for nothing

  3. wwwWiLLoWwww says:

    My dog runs to the computer whenever he hears the duck squeak.

    Useless wireless duck squeaking machine and make the dog go crazy machine
    all in one.

  4. jennifer B-D says:

    Best thing ever

  5. Diablokiller999 says:


  6. Kyle Andrew says:

    Useless? More like #trending in the hands of +JukinMedia 

  7. craig davies says:

    never seen a 12v wireless relay system with wires before ;)

  8. iLiftFood ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    I can make you quack, m’lady.

    -iLiftFood, ambassador of /r/boobbounce.

  9. PogChamp Kappa says:

    reddit retards fuck off つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  10. Evan Mojica says:


  11. Jonathan Guy says:

    I love how he says it, in a “No-Fuck was given” way.

  12. cheesemuncher72 says:


  13. Crass Envy says:

    you could make it into a pleasure machine

  14. Shy Girl says:

    yay so worth it

  15. Alexandru Popa says:

    Indeed, this is a useless crap.

  16. James Radley says:

    U should sell that I would buy one

  17. kynigh says:

    Ohh!!! So that’s why they study calculus!

  18. Shawnee Mccomb says:

    Waste of time…

  19. DuckyWucky says:


  20. Jose Fonseca says:

    Do it smaller and I’d buy it!!or use a mighty giant duck and make people
    feel sick!!