Usher Brings Out Chris Brown and August Alsina in L.A.

Usher performs with Chris Brown and August Alsina at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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19 Responses

  1. Quintin Cain says:

    Chris concert going to be whats up

  2. WilliamMilesChuen says:

    chris is a beast on stage !!! Damnnnnnn 

  3. Filmon Habtay says:

    two stars <3

  4. Maria Salo says:

    what’s the first song ???

  5. MBfishboy13 says:

    Usher should have told Chris not to dance, because all he does is show him

  6. noenoe nerway says:

    Im so happy tho usher and chris are the best of the best of the best!

  7. Roise Joram says:

    i love how all these men coming together!! like stuff like this is zoo
    great for R&B!! lol i can’t wait for the Chris/Trey tour coming up!! Like
    seeing Usher and Chris come together and perform like this is solo dope,
    like people having been waiting this for years and so amazing to see them
    do it now. They are the best from both generations lol.

  8. painthuret says:

    Look at all them bitches yelling for him…DAMN nigga

  9. nahom andemariam says:

    You know Chris brown is in da building when girls start passing out and

  10. nahom andemariam says:

    Guys where witnessing one of the biggest moments of R&B in history

  11. Isaac Swift says:

    They didn’t dance battle

  12. richard smith says:

    R&b gods

  13. Leopoldo Fernandez Gallardo says:

    alfonso gra

  14. Jennifer Pitt says:

    Cali was soooooooo lucky. No special guest came out to the Philly show for
    URX Tour. Must of been a great show!!

  15. D. Foxx says:

    Now see…this is what the world wants. A Chris and Usher tour, not a Chris
    and Trey tour. Chris and Usher’s music goes international and their catalog
    is way more versatile and powerful than Treys. I like Trey, but there’s
    more to be seen with Chris and Usher together. I’m looking forward to a
    joint album or somethin. 

  16. Bonni Piazza says:

    Usher brings out WHO ..usher you are the tour.

  17. Jason Lopez says:

    Cool. Bring out a guy that beats women

  18. hibz breezy says:

    They when wild when breezy hopped on stage

  19. Erick J says:

    Kobe = Usher A.I = Chris