Usher Is a Married Man!

Usher Is a Married Man!

The singer spills the details on his honeymoon, new music and his MasterClass.

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20 Responses

  1. Jenny Thorson says:

    You should invite one, if not all, of the Holy Trinity. I would love to see
    Grace, Hannah, and/or Mamrie on your show. ??‍?‍?? (Hannah is
    obviously the baby in that emoji since she’s the smallest of the three.)
    Haha. Maybe when their movie is done and ready to be released they can come
    on as guests to promote it. Obviously that won’t be for awhile since they
    are still filming right now. Or maybe when Grace’s new book is released or
    when/if the new season of her show on E! premieres Ellen can invite her to
    the show. I think those two would be hilarious together and so would Hannah
    and Ellen or Mamrie and Ellen since all of these ladies are hilarious and
    so underrated. Ellen really does need to have more YouTubers on her show in
    general. YouTube is a huge part of the entertainment industry now and they
    deserve more recognition and to be on talk shows just like any other
    tv/movie star.

  2. Alejandra Manzanares says:

    Entretain meeee! ?

  3. Sara Alkabi. says:

    Where can i watch the full interview ? there is nothing in her website.

  4. Quinn Nguyen says:

    His wife looks like Alicia Keys. Or am I us trying to recreate the “My Boo”

  5. Hairun Momin says:

    looks like 5SOS can’t kiss Usher anymore :((

  6. BuzzardFollower says:

    Usher ?? Last time heard of this geeza it was 2005

  7. wilfrid fred says:

    I don’t know if you dumb or brave after your”last one”did to you,but

  8. Will Y says:

    I saw his master class wow he’s serious about this

  9. Khristine D says:

    Confessions part 3…

  10. StyleCresent says:


  11. Mozna Bagabas says:

    his smile is warm

  12. Molly Megan says:


  13. Aisha Bushra says:

    Is it me or does usher looks different just something about his face ?

  14. starsaint says:

    What is the point of him conducting a masterclass in sleeveless shirts? My
    brain definitely won’t be able to process whatever advice he’s giving out.

  15. Kimberly Jett says:

    U S H E R……. R A Y M O N D <3

  16. Adiba Bahram says:

    About freaking time he got married!

  17. Burning Bush says:

    Usher one of the few who has fucked more women then Ellen.

  18. Niqqa Porfavor says:

    Hes voice is just so soothing like a banana smoothie going down your
    throat……(NO HOMO)

  19. VIP_SONE_IKON_RM says:

    He has a cool swag yet gentleman vibe around him! Love you Usher ❤

  20. Christal Davis says:

    Usher is looking good