using AI to write a youtube video

using AI to write a youtube video

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new hot dog just dropped:


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37 Responses

  1. Drew Gooden says:

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  2. Eddy Burback says:

    Love the blue hair because it’s not something you did for a video or as a joke. It’s a choice you made due to you loving how it looks and for no other reason.

  3. moonshroom says:

    love how this is #1 on trending for gaming
    even youtube acknowledges that drew is just ninja now

    • Yung Zyon says:

      Yo bruvv, I’m a small content creator, and I make a variety of entertaining reactions, vlogs, and a range of other content and I’m still working on quality but I guarantee you will find something you will enjoy!🥇🥇🥇

  4. Emily B. says:

    I’ve already seen “artists” selling “art” they “made” with Dall-E (or a Dall-E equivalent). As in they entered a prompt, the computer did all the work, and now they see fit to profit from it, as if they made it themself. Even worse, there were people hyped about buying the art. They framed it as the “democratization” of art, but really it looks more like taking the soul and passion out of art solely for profit.

    • TheKaurK says:

      The Finkie your analogies are so incorrect. Here’s a better analogy. The prompt giver is the client. They have an idea in their head and they want a certain thing to be done. So they hire an artist or a company of them to make it. The client uses their work, but they don’t go around pretending that they themselves created the art for their chemical supply company or whatever. Does that make sense to you? Prompt giving=being a client and NOT an artist.

    • Oddlem says:

      as an artist this has been a growing concern in the community, and there’s already situations where people have used advanced AI to copy existing styles and pretend they’re that artist– basically stealing money lol

      I really hope there’s some restrictions set in place soon

    • _ShiningStarlight _ says:

      The whole art side of random image generators is terrifying as an artist. Already people are talking about why they should pay artists when a computer will be able to do it for free. Media has always said robots and ai might take over our jobs in the future but as an artist I never had to worry about that, yet apparantly now I have to! It’s scary to think people might push my hard work aside because they prefer a soulless piece a computer made in a few minutes

    • David Liu says:

      I wonder how many people would buy the art for the art’s sake though. Because if these tools are out in the open for anyone to use, surely you’d eventually have to add something to the art to make it more unique. At least right now it also seems like raw Dall-E type stuff has a very distinct blurry look to it that would make it somewhat difficult to pass off as your own work.

    • WhiteZombie10 says:


  5. Squish-E says:

    8:10 I haven’t noticed this in previous videos but I am loving these little moments where you make the jokes in such a quiet and serious tone, it makes the comedy just that bit more delicious

  6. Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW says:

    As a graphic designer, I really loved your point about how these ai services are better when used to empower artists instead of replacing them. I’ve used the dall e service to brainstorm designs a few times and it’s awesome for that

  7. Patterrz says:

    I was skeptical but that group of misfits doing terrorism to show the government that dancing is great really sold me

  8. Kye Ostby says:

    This is on #1 on trending for gaming.

    Looks like all the streaming finally paid off

  9. Keith McCarthy says:

    The Jasper video really started out great, mispronouncing niche as “nitch”. Really makes you feel confident about the intelligence of the people behind it.

  10. Noitibmar says:

    The fact they had to include a “plagiarism detector” plus the fact you *literally witnessed it just steal word for word from another website* really shows a big reason these AIs are awful.
    It really is just creating a collage of other people’s work. The AI itself *is* plagiarism, just with the modern equivalent of running every word you copied through a thesaurus.

    Not to mention how the more these things are used, the more AI written text will find its way into the training data, flandering the whole thing to write more and more of the same.

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