Using science to preserve my childhood memories because I can’t let go of the past

Using science to preserve my childhood memories because I can’t let go of the past

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Over the last several years, I have experienced many traumatic events. However, with the power of science, I hope to never have to experience this ever again.

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26 Responses

  1. V says:

    he’s getting closer and closer to becoming a real life flint lockwood

  2. Alex says:

    Picturing Nigel just watering his chicken and rice as part of his daily routine just cracks me up

  3. Scott Robertson says:

    I like to think that Nile’s weak sense of taste and smell come from his childhood chemistry experiments in his parents’ garage

  4. memespace says:

    Seeing someone who is so good with chemistry have so little cooking intuition is hilarious.

  5. Tony Morris says:

    Generally, when reconstituting freeze dried food, you want to weigh the food before and after the drying process and add that much water back, usually by pouring hot water over the food and letting it stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Reconstitution also works better on smaller pieces or powderized food, as the water is able to penetrate faster and allows for more even hydration.

    • Jono says:

      I was thinking similar with the weighing but for reheating maybe sous vide would work better? If you vac sealed it with the water lost it should force the water back in I would think

    • Rone says:

      @Sootikins I’m living for the term ‘ghetto freeze drying’

    • Sootikins says:

      Agreed. And trying to reconstitute several things together (meat and rice) is destined to fail because one requires more water than the other (thus the before & after weighing you described). Pizza is probably hopeless because of this – soggy crust, partially rehydrated pepperoni, etc. Also I won’t even get into what a ghetto freeze drying cycle he ran. No temperature control much less temperature ramping, etc.

  6. George Janzen says:

    Nigel: Disappears to build his fancy new lab.

    Also Nigel: Proceeds to ruin his lab with liquid N2.

  7. Max Boskeljon says:

    This man has pretty much every type of equipment he needs for chemistry but has to cut pizza with a spoon.

    • Sara Messore says:

      He literally had a fork too, but chose to use the spoon 😂

    • ENJOE says:

      Guys the chicken guy knows about the other channel, he’s just a troll waiting for another troll to join in to make us look like idiots

    • Jacqueline Hunter says:

      @WaffleStaffel how do you know he doesn’t use his equipment? Do you think that everything Nigel does is posted here? I’m sure there is lots going on in the background that we do not get to see. I’m just saying this judging by the amount of equipment and materials that exist in camera view but have never been used in a video that I’ve ever seen… so… stop being so judgey and let the guy post whatever content he wants. If you don’t like it, go away and stop putting down the people who enjoy seeing a guy satisfy his curiosities outside of what he might be doing as a more mainstream career. 😂

    • Jacqueline Hunter says:

      @ChickenYale you do realize that basically everything we know today started in a very similar manner to what this guy is doing in his lab… it’s called science. And while it may seem stupid and a waste of time to you, it’s actually pretty entertaining. Not everything in this world needs to be all serious and have real world applications. Satisfying a curiosity just for the sake of that alone is sufficient enough.

  8. MrGalaxy says:

    Nile’s child like awkwardness and the absolute unintentional chaos going on makes this a certified hood classic. Laughed my ass off multiple times, great video. Hope you find another wrap to fill the hole in your heart some day.

  9. raging willie says:

    nigel: makes grape soda from gloves
    also nigel: cuts pizza with a spoon

  10. Ashr. says:

    Nigel is probably the only person who would use a spoon to cut pizza slices in hisa chemistry lab

    • Po Panda says:

      I kinda doubt that, I personally have done similar things many times and I will stand by the efficiency/time sink argument.

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