Using this book to re-learn Minecraft

Using this book to re-learn Minecraft

It was a very bad idea…
In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo Learns how to use Minecraft redstone using the Minecraft Redstone for Dummies book. This beginners Minecraft guide to redstone is filled with early redstone contraptions, beginner Minecraft builds and an introduction to redstone logic.

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25 Responses

  1. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    Hello! Just some bits about this video:
    1. Using XOR gates for levers on both sides of the door: Yes that’s the main use I have seen for them, but even when this book was made most people used buttons and t-flip flops because it’s smaller, simpler and buttons look better. I was interested in hearing what else this book suggested!
    2. Sketching out wiring diagrams for real life programming/electrical engineering: That makes a tonne of sense (I used to do it), but it never makes sense for most redstone contraptions, as just building the contraption would likely take less time than painstakingly drawing it.

    • FluffyDreg says:

      For 2. It depends on how you think, as an artist myself, I find it a lot faster to just throw down a couple squares on a piece of paper, followed by some lines and such, than to place the stuff in game.
      For me, personally, drawing it out like that helps me understand it better than if I were to just place it down, as I’m left thinking about what’s happening with each piece more.

      But like I said, it depends on what kind of thinker you are, different things work better for different people.

    • Kacey Markus says:

      Mumbo I’ve enjoyed the content for years. Side note 10 pounds is equivalent to $11.60. Anyway glad to see you back in minecraft.

    • Paul Carter says:

      If you know anything about ladder diagrams, they can make good sense in figuring out what you want to happen in a Redstone system, but not necessarily how to wire it, because Redstone doesn’t quite function like electricity.

    • DemonPig666 says:

      Well £10 is about $11 now… 😖

  2. Eoul Leragal says:

    I find it so delightful that you picked up the book to relearn redstone, and remembered more than enough about redstone to pulverize the book’s contents instead.

  3. alan328 says:

    I think the most prevalent use-case I have seen for XOR gates in real life has been multiple light switches for the same light. No matter which switch you’re at, flipping it will toggle the light. Sometimes the switch is up when the light is off and down when it’s on, but it’ll always toggle the light, no matter which you’re at.

    • Mazar Rackham says:

      Thank you for that, I’ve never thought to do that and will 100% be implementing that!

    • Aline says:

      It is incredibly convenient in staircases! Imagine going down the stairs in total darkness because the light switch is at the bottom floor.

    • J-I F.W. BR says:

      if i think about this briefly, wouldnt an xor gate fail to do the task here? since if you have the light on at one switch, it can not be turned off at a second switch?, Shouldnt a system that you described be done with One doualedge-Monostable-circuit behind each switch, and all of them running into a flipflop/t-flip that controlls the lightsource? Or am i mistaken here?

      edit: ah im dumb, i missunderstood how this gate works, mb.

  4. Penndragyn37 says:

    Every time I’ve gotten back into Minecraft, I’ve been in the same boat.
    One moment, I can make this huge contraption. Now I forgot how comparators work. XP
    Good to have you back, I’m glad your break went well. Can’t wait for whatever’s next, no matter how big or small, soon or far!

  5. Ava Adams says:

    With this video we have learned a lot. Not only Mumbo shifts with his thumb, but he also dog ears books.

    What a monster.

  6. Austin Patrick says:

    Mumbo’s return to Minecraft is in the form of a book review… I’ve gotta say, I didn’t see that coming

  7. Sonia’s Way says:

    I love Mumbo’s simple “but I paid for this” at every turn

  8. K says:

    That awkward moment when Mumbo needs to watch his own old videos to learn how to use redstone again.

  9. Sam Adkins says:

    When you’re comfortable, I’d love to see a 10 minute, 1 minute, 10 second video again, I know you took time off due to stress and various other reasons but stressed mumbo is the best, glad to have you back!

  10. Unlucky_Thym says:

    Good to have you back my dude…..seriously it is. The silly jokes and fun content I’ve missed, thank you mumbo, I appreciate you.

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