USS Nitze (DDG 94) Responds to Missile Threat Off Yemen’s Coast

USS Nitze (DDG 94) Responds to Missile Threat Off Yemen’s Coast

RED SEA (Oct. 13, 2016) The guided missile destroyer USS Nitze (DDG 94) launches a strike against three coastal radar sites in Houthi-controlled territory on Yemen’s Red Sea coast. Due to hostile acts, continuing and imminent threat of force, and multiple threats to vessels in the Bab-al Mandeb Strait, including U.S. naval vessels, Nitze struck the sites, which were used to attack U.S. ships operating in international waters, threatening freedom of navigation. Nitze is deployed to the 5th Fleet area of operations to support maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts. (U.S. Navy Video/Released) 161013-N-KL526-003

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20 Responses

  1. Hermann Fegelein (THE ORIGINAL) says:

    keep up navy

  2. mutexnet says:

    US Navy – you make us proud. Thanks for all you guys are doing.

  3. Hua Thai says:

    As usual the navy is used as a tool. You should shoot at the saudi the real
    enemies. It is the gulf of tonkin all again

  4. Vladimir Stanislavovich says:

    Radars in Huthis? I saw a great fairy tale :)

  5. Vla Bog says:

    USA and Saudi Arabia together can not win Yemen, really pathetic,

  6. MaSTA ChO says:

    my god are we bombing Yemen directly now??! as if Syria wasn’t enough??!

  7. Ron Eves says:

    Well firing at a US war ship, moving passively according to international
    law is not a smart idea at any time. The commander of this vessel is
    responsible for the safety of his crew and has shown remarkable restraint
    for a number of days while while being fired upon. I say well done to the
    ships commander and crew for finally returning fire.

  8. Momo Fighter says:

    Freedom is coming to Yemen

  9. MrBen527 says:

    Let em have it!!!! Send one for me too!

  10. prayfortruejustice says:

    So O-bummer Barry directs an attack against another sovereign country
    without a Congressional vote to go to war? All you Yahoos praising this Act
    of War are traitors to the USA and our Constitution, which limits the power
    of government. This is blatant use of our military and treasure to support
    the agenda of MENA elites and political degenerates in the USSA. Without
    rule of law you are destined to the ridicule of patriots and the chains of
    a life of tyranny. Let IsraHELL and The radical Islamic Kingdom of Saudi
    fight their own wars.

  11. Jesus was a Carpenter says:

    the satan is very busy trying to destroy our world.

  12. Frank Yoster says:

    how do saudis sleep at night…or turks…i dont understand how is saudia
    not destroyed yet its pure zionist puppet!

  13. Jedi Patriot says:

    Is this really the best camera that money can buy?

  14. unknown says:

    Didn’t know the US Navy had a Youtube channel

  15. Sercho says:

    Why the fuck the people want to see war.

  16. NeedyChris says:

    What kind of potato is this? World war 2 camera’s looked better than this.

  17. Cody Gordon says:

    I think Yemen needs some mothafucking freedom

  18. B McSue says:

    They wont to play games do they, Iran be carful what you wish for !!

  19. Rich Homie Quan Chi says:

    Man for a multi million dollar ship this sure is fantastic camera quality,
    at least it’s not vertical…

  20. Mia Monroe says:

    And this gets minimal coverage because there’s an epic political circus
    happening here at home. Hearts and prayers to our brave men and women
    fighting for our right to act so foolish ❤