USS The Sullivans taking on water rapidly

USS The Sullivans taking on water rapidly

As of Thursday morning, USS The Sullivans could be seen listing, tilting in the water, appearing as if it was resting against the pier.

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  1. Ron Kwiatkowski says:

    My grandfather served on this exact class of destroyer during ww11. Had seven battle stats, a Purple Heart and took kamikazes at Okinawa in 45. He just passed a year ago and seeing this makes me remember what a hero he and that entire generation was. I will be donating to save this piece of history, lest we forget as Americans what those brave men did for our country.

    • Bob The Crackhead says:

      @COMMAND Brawler was Kanye part of it?

    • Caesar says:

      I’d like to remind everyone that every man sent to fight in ww2 was on a suicide mission. Kamikaze pilots were not special in the fact that they were willing to die. EVERY MAN that was sent to fight was willing to die and many did.

    • G S says:

      Imagine having a time traveler grandpa who fought in WW11

    • Timothy Spaghetti says:

      My Grandfather and four of his five brothers who served were US Navy, and the other Army,was in same situation as the USS Sullivan got named for.
      Five brothers lost at Guadalcanal in 1942 is how she got named.
      My Grandad lost two of the five,one on USS NEW MEXICO(Kamikaze AA BATT)(Anthony) and the one brother who was Army (Leo)was lent to first Marines bogged down on that miserable hill in Okinawa lost to.
      My Gramp on USS TRENTON Heavy Cruiser,patrolling duty Aleutian islands.
      Is sad to see such historic vessel struggling,hope they can save her.
      You are correct,we need more of they’re old time method to save America,we waste,consume and squander while they used to remove every nut and bolt from everything they threw away.
      Now people just buy new and toss even lawn mowers with old fuel.
      We are not like our forefathers anymore.
      They were Special!!!! and stood with the Allies to sharegift what we enjoy daily…GOD BLESS THEM ALL , EVERY ALLIE BROTHER WHO STOOD for the world.
      Many grandsons around the world with same story,elite generation of heroes,not only American but Aussie,British, Canadian,French and so many more out front to risk.

    • frankv says:

      @COMMAND Brawler world War 2

  2. MattHeaven says:

    Thank you for reporting without a bunch of extra drama thrown in.

    That ship, even at 70+ years old, looks absolutely stunning. I truly hope they are able to preserve it and I applaud all those who are working their hardest to make that happen. Hats off to you!

  3. oklahoma3500 says:

    My father was a merchant marine in WWII. I built many WWII models, including a Fletcher Class destroyer. Still have it. God save this ship!

  4. Connor Jackson says:

    My hopes and thoughts go to the ship and her sailors. I hope that they can save such a great piece of history.

  5. M Spicer says:

    This makes me very sad, and I’m not even an American. This ship was named for 5 brothers who were lost on a single vessel in WW2. I really hope they can save the ship. Hugs from Canada.

  6. 1Paul Tv says:

    Destroyers were often lovingly referred to as “Tin Cans” by their crews and sailors alike, because of the thin hulls.

  7. Vemost says:

    She heard the knock at the door, She opened it an instantly knew. why they were there. A mother wondering which of her sons had been killed. “All five” was their response . She collapsed onto the floor. After the Sullivan’s , the navy never allowed siblings to serve on the same ship. We will restore the USS ” The Sullivans”. .

    • joseph metzger says:

      The war dept created the The Sullivan act after the were all killed. This is what the movie saving private ryan. He was the last son, so the Sullivan Act will go into effect if more than 2 sibllings are serving at the same time all branches of the service are included.
      Nice post.

  8. Ben Jones says:

    The hulls on destroyers are quite thin for a war ship, about 3/8ths to 1/2 inch thick. That is why their nickname is “Tin Cans” but their thin hulls make them fast in the water, about 30 knots or about 40MPH. I believe this old girl weighs (actually displaces) about 6500 tons or so. I visited her and the USS Little Rock several years ago. I used to see the Little Rock in the Med back in the 60s from the ship I was on. We were both homeported in Italy back then.

  9. modsurgeon says:

    The Fletchers are one of my favorite WWII ships. Let’s hope it’s a seacock or through hull instead rather than hull plate steel just rotting.

    Tough old ship, and still floating better than the Moskva.

    • Shaun Olinger says:

      @Snaker Stran yes. That’s why they have “air bubblers”, sort of like a “Prairie Masker” system around the ship to try and prevent ice forming against the hulls.

      Inside, the main prevention technique is to just keep it dry, but with more and more leaks happening it’s really hard to keep up with it.
      I am associated with a museum ship over here on the West Coast, LCI-713. We don’t have ice to worry about, just time and corrosion.

    • Snaker Stran says:

      No naval expert but I’m surprised that “museum” boats would be kept in snowbelt waters. Wouldn’t the ice season be harsh on the things?

    • Shaun Olinger says:

      I like the Fletchers, but I REALLY love the original “greyhounds of the sea”… the Wicks and Clemson class “flush deckers”, aka “four stackers”. The song “Reuben James was about a Clemson.

      Not to take away from this… as one of many working to keep museum ships afloat (LCI-713), this is truly heartbreaking. Please God and King Neptune… don’t take this old girl away.

  10. slammedc2003 says:

    As a retired United States Navy Sailor, this is heartbreaking to see. The history behind the name of this ship and the ship itself is worth saving.

    • Dan Stanley says:

      @Benjamin Deavenport Have you heard the song by Caroline Spine.

    • Ewok says:

      @Anthony Smith you can still make a nice memorial carved out of marble shaped like the ship and have all those who served on it have their names etched into marble next to it and have pictures of the ship all around the area. It would be less expensive and still preserve the history of the ship.

    • Self Insured says:

      @DOCTOR R. T. V. get a job

    • Larry Rollyson says:

      @Frank B just trying to help.your free will to wrap emotions around an intimate object.remember with happiness not grieve about the inevitable

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