USSF-67 Mission

USSF-67 Mission

SpaceX is targeting Sunday, January 15 at 5:56 p.m. ET (22:56 UTC) for Falcon Heavy’s launch of the USSF-67 mission to a geosynchronous Earth orbit from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Following booster separation, Falcon Heavy’s two side boosters will land on SpaceX’s Landing Zones 1 and 2 (LZ-1 and LZ-2) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

A live webcast of this mission will begin about 15 minutes prior to liftoff.

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36 Responses

  1. Deeveeaar says:

    No matter how many times I saw these landings, its so surreal!

    • Carl Johan says:

      On the topic of surreal the successful starship landing was pure sci-fi. Imagine what a superheavy will look like.

  2. B N says:

    27:31 the perfect double booster landing is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life.

    • Meliora Cogito says:

      @CheDani While I’ve never heard the official explanation, I am clever enough to already have figured that out on my own.

      I haven’t seen any FH launches since the first demo launch almost five years ago (early Feb. 2018), when they _did_ almost simultaneously land the two boosters with only a 1-2 s separation from one another.

      With only 5 FH launches total to date (including the maiden demo flight and this one), they’re a rare event.

    • Brian Griffiths says:

      @Derek I recall SpaceX previously stating that there is no spare fuel left for the third booster to land as it is all consumed getting the load into the required orbit.

    • Derek says:

      Why isn’t the 3rd one landing?

    • CheDani says:

      ​@Meliora Cogito they land unsynched on purpose

    • Meliora Cogito says:

      It’s only “perfect” when the landings are synchronised and simultaneous. These two didn’t land simultaneously, there was about a 5 s gap between each landing.

      Also disappointed they threw away a centre core.

      Let’s hope Starship flies this year.

  3. Liftoff says:

    Watching two boosters land side by side never gets old!

    • Derek says:


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    • Jeremy DeCaro says:

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  4. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Incredible views of the boost back burns. I guess the fact they were high enough to be lit by the daylight sun ahead of them over the dark Florida sky provided the fantastic detail. Who care if they had to cut off the video from the second stage. The booster flight and landing is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in 50 years of watching launches.

  5. Just Keep Walking says:

    Timestamps of Events:

    19:51 – Launch
    22:24 – Side Boosters Stage Sep
    22:40 – Boost Back Burns
    23:56 – Main Booster Stage Sep
    27:15 – Side Boosters Landing

  6. Żółwik says:

    Side boosters landing will never get old.

  7. Ivan Timofeev says:

    WOW, one of the most beautiful launches I have ever seen!!!!

  8. Guy Roh says:

    Spacex giving us a marvel of a launch once again. Can’t wait for the upcoming Starship test !

  9. Clever Girl says:

    insane views of the two booster in their boostback at 23:34 . Falcon Heavy is always a showstopper, and we should get 4 more launches this year!

  10. Anventia says:

    The view of one booster landing from the camera of the other booster was an amazing sight!

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