Utah police release body camera video related to Gabby Petito case

Utah police release body camera video related to Gabby Petito case

Police in Utah released body camera video related to an August 12 call involving Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie. Police responded after a witness called to report the couple fighting. An officer later wrote in a report that the incident between the couple did not “escalate to a level of domestic violence, as much as that of a mental health crisis.” Full story: https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-sarasota-manatee/police-name-boyfriend-person-of-interest-in-disappearance-of-gabby-petito

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55 Responses

  1. Bri Berg says:

    This is heartbreaking. There’s no way she’s alive. His silence speaks volumes.

  2. Sal Paradise says:

    Everybody is happy on social media…In real life, everything is different.

    • Faith Kings says:

      I believe nothing I see on social media. Learned that from my cousin years ago. Her now husband would dress up in the best suits, post all online with no damn job. Wasn’t helping with the household duties. He’s finally working but still an a**.

    • Memow 2020 says:

      @Tom London must be those demo rats run, they want to run everything!!

    • IOPE says:

      Very Chris watts vibes , a true sociopath situation. Very very scary how your partner can turn on you.

    • you- tube says:

      one of many reasons I never use social media.

    • Woody Norris says:

      What are you talking about?? It’s filled with scams, insults, people attacking someones religion, offensive language, all kinds of bad things. And I’m fairly new to social media. I had no idea, and am shocked.

  3. KeKe says:

    She should’ve hopped in that driver seat and headed home after that. Seems like the relationship was rocky and they both needed space apart.

    • Bean Oak says:

      @Shawn Thomas she attacked him while he was driving, endangering their lives. She could have killed them both. She is the aggressor.

      I agree he did the right thing by leaving her, and the family is trying to smear him.

      But he should at least tell the cops the location and time he last saw her.

    • Bean Oak says:

      @Lindalee Law Source on his previous violence? She is the one with the history of violence and neuroticism

    • Bean Oak says:

      @KeKe No, he didnt obviously do anything to her to make her act that way If you believe this you’ve never dated an entitled girl before.

    • Shawn Thomas says:

      @Bean Oak should have left in the police car

    • Bean Oak says:

      @Shawn Thomas The aggressor, the woman, should have left in the police car? Well that’s what the equal rights laws would require, but the cops decided to let her go anyway by categorizing it as a mental health thing.

  4. Jackie Paul says:

    Many times it is the people we thought loved us the most that turn out to be our worst enemies. So sad.

    • Thomas Beasley says:

      @Ashruz _ stop informing young ladies that their useless boyfriend’s will likely turn to murder because they have nothing else to do? That is counter productive don’t ya think? It is something that needs to be said, wether you like it or not!

    • Thomas Beasley says:

      @Ray Koneval I’m failing to see your logic here, is it that you think he murdered in self defense? Why hide now if the full video shows that evidence? I can’t even begin to fathom the depths of sickness people in this country face and their desire to defend someone long after they turn cold and refuse to be forthcoming! You need a head check bro. His silence is what makes him the bad guy, wether or not it was in self defense, he doesn’t have to act like a little b**** if he’s innocent!

    • Thomas Beasley says:

      @Ray Koneval you keep saying watch the full video, but provide no resources to do that, no one can see what you think you are seeing without a link, or did you just dream that you watched it in full?

    • Ray Koneval says:

      @Thomas Beasley apparently you have no logical thought in your brain. Logic says, innocent till proven guilty. It also says, that he legally has the right to remain silent. That way no one especially people that want to judge or assume without all the facts can influence the investigation. However, is it possible he did something in self defense, absolutely… She was going to get charged for CDV. He had marks on him self from her attacking him. The body cam provides that evidence. She obviously had issues, it’s not uncommon for women to be the abusive one both mentally and physically. Problem is most people want to judge and NOT LOOK AT logic. Also, for all we know he just left her, or she left him, only time will tell. But I am sure it’s self defense related to some degree. So yes you need to get your head checked.

    • Ray Koneval says:

      @Thomas Beasley do you not know how to use YouTube or Google? It’s not my job to provide it for you. That’s what’s wrong with the world today. You obviously found this one, but this one is the news! Do research on your own and find it… Stop being lazy.

  5. CoyoteF150 says:

    Unless she decided to just leave and run away and never be heard from again, he definitely did something shady. It’s 2021, everyone has a phone…if she was ok her family would have heard from her by now that she needed to be picked up or flown home somehow. Sad reality.

  6. RyshusMojo1 says:

    Perhaps it’s his demeanor rather than physical characteristics that reminds me of Chris Watts.

  7. Bubble Guts Mike says:

    Better get him to talk before he offs himself. Vegas odds say there’s a very good chance he’ll be dead in a few days(self inflicted)

  8. Rob Carp says:

    He looks like Chris Watts illegitimate son. Acts like him too.

  9. Joe says:

    Brian is hiding out until his wounds heal… Scratches, bruises, swollen knuckles…

    • nevis scot says:

      They arrest you for not wearing a mask .ffs ….but in a murder enquiry ‘ no i dont want to talk’….dont want yo be mean..but if he was non white …..hed be in the chair by now

    • Dan K says:

      @nevis scot your opinion sounded reasonable but then you conclude it with racial BS.

    • Peace & Namaste says:

      Good point!!!!! That’s exactly what this creep is doing!!!

    • Diosa La negra says:

      @Dan K to you it’s bullshit to the people who live it it’s life

    • Dan K says:

      @Diosa La negra unless you are truly elite and privileged (regardless of what race or color you might be) then we ALL “live it” in one way or another.
      I personally know what it is like to be persecuted, falsely accused of serious crimes, discriminated against by a deeply corrupt governmental system that is not “systemically racist” but rather systemically evil.
      That evil is manifest against anything that opposes it’s power and control over anybody!

  10. Bart Hartman says:

    This is straight up horror/thriller movie. Praying that she’s still alive.

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