Utah Utes vs. Florida Gators | Full Game Highlights

Utah Utes vs. Florida Gators | Full Game Highlights

The Florida Gators prevailed, 29-26, over the Utah Utes in Week 1 of the college football regular season on Saturday. QB Anthony Richardson threw for 168 YDS and Amari Burney made the game-saving pick to seal the W for the Gators.

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38 Responses

  1. Hayden Woodward says:

    As a utes fan, gators definitely played like they had something to prove. Great game!

  2. James Williams says:

    As a Gator fan that was the most exciting victory I’ve seen in 3 years.

  3. Janet Kelley says:

    A real nail biter, Anthony Richardson is the real deal.

  4. CliffRN says:

    Every team is going to know it’s going to be a long game. Congrats to the whole Gator team. Get win Coach Napier.🐊

  5. Shook Logan says:

    Great game between two great QBs! Go Gators! About time our defense got a stop!

  6. Kenny Cleveland says:

    Not a gator fan or Utah fan , but that was one amazing game. I love games like this and battle it out all the way to the end. Congratulations Gators

  7. S.O.L.O 777 says:

    Go Gators!!! And Billy Napier congratulations on your first victory for the team 👏 this is gonna be a exciting year for Florida!!! 🐊

    • Eric Cartmen says:

      @Eric packers I’m a long time gators fan and Georgia is different. They play at a different level.

    • Derrick Whipp says:

      @Eric packers not sold on the dude who led his team to a comeback national title against literally the best college team to ever exist? You can never be sold on that dude in that case and you clearly can’t appreciate talent when it smacks you in your face

      The dude won a national championship against Alabama after almost throwing the game away, yet that isn’t “proof enough” to show he’s got talent. Tf is wrong with you

    • The Muckler says:

      @Eric packers Auburn isn’t shocking nobody…. they don’t have a qb

    • J Lars says:

      @Eric Cartmen Napier is the next Saban

    • Michael Barnett says:

      @D.H. Kim UF anyway…

  8. Jay Anderson says:

    Ventrell Miller was everywhere this game, he was the defensive anchor for sure

  9. Joshua David says:

    Anthony Richardson is a PROBLEM!!! 🔥🔥 I’m keeping my eyes on him this season

  10. Games4Everybody says:

    Anyone who knows me knows I’m a massive Gator fan. I cried tears of joy, as this is the kind of play we should’ve been producing in years prior. Beautiful job team worked em’ silly!

    • Denis Cruz says:

      Wow, same here, I have Never cried on a game win or loose but last night I was really expecting another heart brake, are you kidding me the 7th ranked team in the country, an 18 year veteran coach vs a first time florida young coach! Let me tell you, I cried!!!!😭😂
      GO GATORS!!!🐊🐊🐊

    • Kale says:

      same brother

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