V6 engine working paper model

V6 engine working paper model

Working model of V6 engine is fully made of paper (only pistons side surfaces covered with scotch tape). The model runs on compressed air.
Gas distributing mechanism scheme: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0xqQIZvwhdieTJHN1otdE5nb3M/view?usp=sharing

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20 Responses

  1. bonesboy368 says:

    How the fuck are you this awesome

  2. t2nerb says:

    Isn’t that an engine… working backwards?

  3. Michael Housser says:

    I submitted your video to Ripley’s BION. I found this really cool ! I told
    them i did not make it so do not worry.

  4. Mr Lama 1 says:

    Thats really cool dude. Keep making awesome videos like this!

  5. D88888888Mc says:

    Wow this is awesome!
    Is there a template for this design?

  6. Shad Ahmad says:

    This is amazing, can you put that in my car

  7. old5koolg4m3r says:

    I wonder if you made a girlfriend?

  8. DawkinsFan says:

    I dunno why but this video triggered my aspergers.

  9. David Mountain says:

    Will it blend?

  10. halsti99 says:

    holy shit man! … i thought i was pro when i build a plane! 😀 thanks for
    ruining that!

  11. Drolsinatas Bloodshows says:

    The belts don’t look like they are made of paper. They look like
    rubberbands. If they are, then it’s not made entirely of paper.

  12. Saige Martin says:

    4 cylinder boxer engine! Please

  13. Infofastman says:

    wow… no seriously… WOW!

  14. HayQueDecirloMas says:

    better than f1 honda engines

  15. Manuel Pecellin Cantillo says:

    Engineer’s god

  16. Ralkall says:

    Some people have the calmness and focus to build such a cool little paper
    models… while I run out of patience trying to open a box of cereal.

  17. maury dickson says:

    Very Very Cool!!!!

  18. Hugh Janus says:

    “paper” it’s basically wood at this point, as the paper is very thick for
    most parts. so it’s a wood model, not paper.

  19. The Last Thyme Lord says:

    Give that man a grant!

  20. Wim Haak says:

    awesome steam-engine, but steam would ruin the paper