Whether it’s banana, vanilla, or cherry – You can’t beat a good cream pie.

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30 Responses

  1. x says:

    Thanks for the laughs:) I love your outfit in this video, and the energy you bring to each video is wonderful!

  2. PlatinumRoseLady says:

    Okay, that is IT.
    This man – nay, this GIFT to humanity – needs – nay, DESERVES – his own big time cooking show!
    Because Dylan is the absolute best!

  3. Conor Mahoney says:

    The pearl necklace is almost subtle. I don’t know if you can actually BE subtle but this was pretty damn great.

  4. L Woods says:

    The amount of innuendo in this would make The Great British Bakeoff blush, and that was the show that created the phrase “soggy bottom”

  5. Duy Nguyen says:

    This definitely tops the candle salad for sure.

  6. Tempus Sicarius says:

    He went out and found the recipe that allowed him to make the most innuendos possible and I respect him for that

  7. domerecipient33 says:

    I honestly did not think it was possible to cram so many sex jokes in such a short timespan without it being repetetive but you did it.

  8. TheLoverlyLadyLo says:

    This has ALL the dirty jokes and it makes me so happy. Bless you, kind sir, for bringing this smidge of joy to my life

  9. Surreal Sadi says:

    I had to watch this a few times because I kept giggling at all the innuendo! OMG! I counted at least 8 different jokes, though I’m sure a few went over my head. Dylan, this is even better than the Candle Salad recipe!!!🤣

  10. Famous CharactersPlay says:

    Okay Dylan, I have been SEVERLY addicted to your content as of late, and my GF has even started to notice! I adore the way you do these and I hope you continue to make content in the future!

    Though, at my house we call these, “Creme Filled Buns”. I’ll let you do the math. ;P

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