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48 Responses

  1. Jen 4nyy says:

    Hey Casey! Can you do a review w eyeshadow palettes/highlighters from the hush ap?? They have dupes for a bunch of ABH palettes, huda, etc.. would love to see you do one eye original and other eye dupe 👀👀 btw, I’m obsessed with your pups on snap 👀😂

  2. Meghan Ross says:

    Girrrllll, where’s that bra link? 😘😘

  3. Shalva Reiss says:

    I was so excited abt the bra! But you didn’t link it! Am am you plzzzz add it? Thanks! Luv ya!

  4. laura oconnor says:

    Where’s the bra??? Omg love you Casey!! So real!!

  5. Tammy Addison says:

    Can you please link the bra!? Love your channel girl 😍

  6. sigourney hamm says:

    But like… your DD girls need to know where that bra is though🤔🤗💜

  7. Korrine Levrault says:

    i think you forgot to link the bra 😭😭

  8. Katie Dunn says:

    is the audio super quiet for anyone else?? Can barely hear my Casey 😩

  9. Hanna Hoskins says:

    When you zoomed in after talking about your new bra I lowkey thought you were zooming in to show us the bra and I was just like oh… okay? Didn’t know this was that kind of video 😂

  10. Sayruh Kama says:


  11. Ana Rodriguez says:

    I really wanna see that video that you snapchatted about where most of the makeup sucks!
    It’s good to know what the bad ones are too!!! Lol

  12. Carlo Cacinotti says:

    It’s almost criminal how beautiful you are. I think I’m gonna have to tip off the Justice Dept.

  13. LivingWithLupie says:

    I literally never wear a bra anymore now that I’ve had my reduction. I went from a 40ddd to a 38c 😩😩😭😭

    • Brittany Ellerd says:

      Girl I feel you there, I went from a 38DDD down to a 36C, it was too much before on my small 5ft frame. My back thanks me as well. 🙂

    • Chantel Lowe says:

      LivingWithLupie I’m a G 🙁 I hate how big they are. They’re too big for my frame. Did you go through insurance? I wanna get a reduction just don’t know how to start the process.

    • Luisa A says:

      I also had a reduction but after my son they are huge again…i need a second one but now im broke

    • Jennifer Palmatier says:

      I went from a 36G to a 36DD. Best decision ever!

    • DeniseMDooley says:

      LivingWithLupie I used to always want a boob job but this comment and all of the replies have me thinking okay guess I️m sticking with my small boobs then🤔😂

  14. Amberly Widener says:

    I LOVE THIS LOOK and let me just say i know it was tricky to try something so new for us and i really appreciate it! Shows how much you love us and just continue to give us great content ❤️❤️❤️ this look so beautiful 😍 love you girl!

  15. diana i says:

    Watching this even though i don’t have a valentine. 😂💛

    • Samanta Rizzi says:

      Same! I am single for more than three years now (in this time I had two lovers but nothing serious) and I’m just done with flirting and occasional romance… I need something real and passionate now, even if it that means I’ll have to wait for another three or four years! lol Best wishes to you too girl 🙂 Never settle for anything less than you deserve!

    • diana i says:

      Samanta Rizzi yesss, i don’t wanna get heartbroken again lol i’ll just have to wait, but it will be worth it .. good luck you deserve the best. 😊❣️

    • Samanta Rizzi says:

      +diana i Exactly! and same to you, girl!! 😀

  16. Becca555 says:

    Everything you just said about your bra/boob life…. SAME. I love you ❤️ (5 year subscriber)

  17. ALI BUZZELLI says:

    my favvvv foundation at the moment

  18. Emily Urban says:

    Girl you are the best, I’m just trying to grab a beer with you girlie

  19. Megan Daniels says:

    I hate bras period. I don’t wear them if I know I don’t need to take me coat off. Like last night😁 Yas victory secret bras. I never thought i would own any of there clothes in general. High dollar for missed shaped fabric. Their bras are very nice though. Ones you have to fight with pull over your head😯 Never full price always had deal/ coupon or clearance.. Over priced

  20. Kate Hyndman says:

    I LOVE the way this look came out! It’s so pretty 😫😍 I love sticky bras 😂😂😂 but I have no boobs, so you can’t really tell if I’m wearing a bra or not 🤣

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