VALKYRIE … For Noobs

VALKYRIE … For Noobs

Thank you to EA for sponsoring this video! Apex Legends LEGACY is out NOW, check it out here:

Valkyrie is the 17th legend in Apex, and her addition adds a lot to the game! The skies belong to her, so let’s find out why in another episode of “For Noobs!”


Thumbnail art by Halmey:

The Intro song is “I Think I’m Normal” by Carter Ace
Check him out here:

The Outro song is “Bone Theme” by Michael Wyckoff, check him out here:

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38 Responses

  1. Macro says:

    The skies belong to those who follow me on twitter @theMacroShow

  2. Mokeysniper says:

    Macro kinda looking like a snack in that cardboard ngl.

  3. OhDough says:

    “I cancelled my ult” for noobs when?

  4. Ben the Bomb 88 says:

    Imagine being macros neighbour and seeing him wearing a cardboard robot costume and jumping up and down next to a cliff

  5. Šimon Urban says:

    His father looking down from heaven be like: BRUH

  6. TheBulletKin says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if during this season Valkyrie slowly learns who actually killed her father. And at the end she finds out it was actually jack cooper :O

  7. GB Moises says:

    “Valkyrie is the seventeenth legend” *flash backs* ” 8 different legends, no not seven.”

  8. StarKnight 54 says:

    Horizon: If nothing can escape the even horizon, how do you expect to escape me?
    Valkrie: thanks jumpjets

  9. sock says:

    so who’s gonna be the one to tell him you can fly to bonsai towers-?

  10. KarQ says:

    This is the type of cosplay I need to see at the next gaming convention

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