Value Pack Games – Scott The Woz

Value Pack Games – Scott The Woz

Scott saves money, time and space and couldn’t be more upset.


Music Used:
“Graveyard” by Johnny Pearson
“Intro (9-Volt)” from WarioWare: Smooth Moves
“Ghost Town” from Sonic Forces
“Athletic Theme” from Super Mario Bros. 3
“Overworld” from Super Mario Bros.
“San Francisco Highway” from Rad Racer
“Final Match” from Nintendo World Cup
“Menu Theme” from Sonic Classics
“Danger Theme” from Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (Sega Genesis)
“Underground (Super Mario Bros.)” from Super Mario All-Stars
“Overworld (Super Mario Bros. 2)” from Super Mario All-Stars
“Jungle Island” from Super Monkey Ball
“Windfall Island” from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
“Casinopolis” from Sonic Pinball Party
“Shy Guy Beach” from Mario Kart: Super Circuit
“Select Game” from Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort Combo Pack
“Main Menu” from Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD
“Select Game” from NES Remix Pack
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes

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43 Responses

  1. Gus Johnson says:

    scott is my favorite woz

  2. Glevin says:

    Scott acting like he hates value packs when he’s rereleased the dark age of Nintendo and the wiiware chronicles as bundles 😔

  3. Big N8, Aged Student says:

    Buys a white T-shirt to write the word “everyone” for a few frames. That’s dedication.

  4. Brongos Portal says:

    “Like how junk food is cheaper than fruit”
    man, that’s american

  5. 4nt says:

    Wait, hold up: there’s an NES cartridge with both Super Mario and Tetris on it? That’s a fucking steal.

  6. SlimGrim602 says:

    Lego Indiana Jones + Kung Fu Panda was the best combo.

    • Jordan says:

      It’s all been downhill from there honestly

    • Thecookiegamer says:

      i got that a few months ago and i still dont know why i bought that, i dont even own a xbox 360

    • Zafearious 22 says:

      I have that exact game(s)

    • TheScoobMaster says:

      @Jordan that was the fourth lego game, lego batman came after it and that was a banger, then we have star wars 3, and the harry potter games, as well as the second indiana jones and pirates of the caribbean. after that is when dialogue was introduced and things went downhill

    • Šüpērtåłïš says:

      @TheScoobMaster really? Lego Batman 2 is one of the best Lego games.

  7. chopped spinach says:

    That single frame of Scott wearing a shirt labeled “everyone” after saying he doesn’t speak for everyone really got me in the funnybone

  8. Psivewri says:

    I’ve been enjoying the Sonic PC Collection for many years 🙂

  9. PuNkY says:

    I’m here for Sonic & Garfield

  10. Bowser Zeki says:


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