Vanessa Bryant and Daughters Visit Kobe and Gianna Mural

Vanessa Bryant and Daughters Visit Kobe and Gianna Mural

Vanessa changed her Instagram profile picture over the weekend, posing in front of a mural dedicated to her late husband and daughter.

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68 Responses

  1. Belle says:

    They didn’t deserve to pass away, but God does things for a reason. That mural is very beautiful.

    • sade obrien says:

      Belle he was disrespectful to his parents treated them like shit the Bible speak poorly of people who do that if 2pac can love his mom for selling his stuff for crack Kobe could of for give his mom if Beyonce could love her dad for selling her mobillia and giving it to charity without her knowing Kobe could of for gave his mom Kobe was a selfish obnoxious man

    • Rebecca Teece says:

      @Raven Hooper yes in peace now 😪🙏

    • Kay PD says:

      @fresha375 Your are so classy in your replies..God Blessed your soul. People do need love. Spread love not hate.

    • fresha375 says:

      @Kay PD Thank you 😊

    • Gx ld says:

      No one deserves to die

  2. i i l x m o n 01 says:

    I can’t believe what Christmas would be like for them… Edit: btw al seasons will be hard for them. I just highlighted Christmas idk why? ty for the likes

    • Stormi Brooks says:

      Also, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Birthday’s, graduation, & more

    • Zamantha Yzabelle says:

      I can’t even imagine how it would be like without them everyday.

    • Tina Giordanella says:

      The first year is always the hardest. First Easter, first national holiday, first birthday, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas…basically all of the first holidays after a person dies are really tough because you’re just so used to them always being there that when they suddenly aren’t there anymore, that’s when you truly feel the loss.

    • sharon ferguson says:

      @flowersandcandy flowersandcandy you right about that.

    • sharon ferguson says:

      @Zamantha Yzabelle Just like any other family.

  3. Nikki Saracini says:

    Her daughter’s r beautiful ❤️❤️😍

  4. Gaming Celebrity says:

    I still can’t imagine how Vanessa is still grieving after it being over a month. I feel sad for her.

    • Parris Gisoni says:

      Marina Syndulla Your extremely idiotic for this reply no she won’t get over it that was her husband and her 13 y/o daughter ok not something she can just throw away in the trash I just lost my cousin in December and that pain still lives within me don’t be like that it makes you look awful

    • Blesbeauty 101 says:

      @Marina Syndulla uggh I hate u

    • Tina Giordanella says:

      Unless you have lost a loved one, you will never know what it’s like – especially when it happens as unexpectedly and quickly as this death. It’s one thing when they had a prolonged sickness and you had time to prepare yourself for their death, it’s something completely different when it’s an accident and they’re just all of a sudden not there anymore. Also grief is a complicated process and a lot of people never truly stop grieving the loss of their loved ones. They just slowly learn to live with the pain as it dulls over time, but it never really goes away.

    • teehee yeet says:

      Marina Syndulla shut up. that was her husband the love of her life. u must have no heart to say that 🙄

    • StrangelyMadison says:

      i lost my mom like a year and a half ago and i still cry about her every night so i mean idk

  5. Karla Soto says:

    Miss u kobe and gigi..🖤😔
    Can’t imagine what they going through

  6. Cherael Symone says:

    Wow, this still hurts me smh, life can be so hard sometimes, can’t even imagine how they’re feeling.

    • Ty Silents says:

      it’s still hurting me too that i have yet to watch the memorial i just cant not for a long time and today i just click on this meaning i been bypassing anything with kobe in it

  7. Javonta Kelly says:

    We miss ya’ll so much Send prayers to vanessa And her daughters Through this Hard Time But we all feel the same way they feel but Kobe was a inspiration To us all he’s been my hero since I was a Kid

  8. Kelly Lako says:

    I honestly can’t imagine the pain of losing a child and a husband, a man she’s been with since 17, God look after her and her babies. No money in the world can remove such pain

  9. Junah Richards says:

    This is so sad. Vanessa is such a strong woman after losing some of the most important people in her life

  10. Fernando Coronado says:

    Natalia is tall like her dad.

  11. Manuel Padron Rubio says:

    God bless the Bryant family, and the other families involved in that horrific horrible day.

  12. NikkiSiixx says:

    Man she is such a strong woman. God bless her and the girls. She is handling this with such grace and dignity. I dont know how she is so strong but man she is the Definition of STRENGTH. I know I couldn’t be that strong. We love and support you Mamacita! And mini Mamacitas. R.I.P. GiGi and Kobe. Heros come and go but LEGENDS never die!

  13. Teresa Baxter says:

    Artist have painted their tributes to Kobe and his daughter Gianna all around the City of Los Angeles it’s very moving that Vanessa is paying tribute to these artist and recognizing that their artwork did not go unnoticed. It must be very difficult for her but also very healing. Thank you for sharing

  14. Keep it all the Way Funky says:

    Still unimaginable that she’s got to move on. Her strength is inspiring.

    • Stella says:

      How do you tell she has moved on, just because she is smiling Infront of the camera? Some things are just not easy to move on from.

    • Jasmine Perry says:

      Stella I think you took “move on” the wrong way. I think they’re saying move on as in she’s got to keep going when she probably feels like giving up.

    • Stella says:

      @Jasmine Perry you are most likely right. I must have misunderstood.

    • Lisa M. says:


    • Keep it all the Way Funky says:

      Stella move on , not moved on as in she’s still got to grieve for the rest of her life. That to me is unimaginable pain.

  15. Loni Lo says:

    My godfather Jason who is on Instagram created a portrait of Kobe and Gigi together and it had a lot of detail it looked just like them #Kobe&Gigi

  16. Brittanii Starzz says:

    Natalia is tall like daddy & looks just like her mommy

  17. Miracle Williams says:

    Natalia have her daddy’s tall genes. #RestInPeaceKobeGianna. Gone but not forgotten.💔☹️

  18. cipherP9 says:

    NaTALLia, man that girl has some height on her now.

  19. Rah Torres says:

    So damn sad ugh poor woman she’s definitely still grieving you can tell she’s been crying a lot I feel for her

  20. Shernice Harper says:

    Ugh. This is so sad. I cant imagine the grief. The way she is able to wake up every day and move forward takes such strength. God bless them and the families impacted by this tragedy.

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