Vanessa Hudgens Does Tongue Twisters While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Vanessa Hudgens Does Tongue Twisters While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Vanessa Hudgens is a multi-hyphenate megastar known for her High School Musical smashes, roles in cult movies like Spring Breakers, and growing list of Broadway appearances. This holiday season you can catch her starring alongside Jennifer Lopez in Second Act, which is set to hit theaters December 21st. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Hudgens battles the wings of death and takes on Sean Evans’ barrage of questions. Along the way, she talks about working with James Franco and 50 Cent, breaks down iconic powersuits, and explains the danger of the tween fan mom.

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61 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    DA BOMB STRIKES AGAIN! Who has tried it??

  2. Ana Chen says:

    I hate nibblers. What’s the point?

  3. Anton Mossberg says:

    we need to first Ryan reynolds on this and or at the same time blake lively ! the most beautiful and hilarious couple alive

  4. Luis Gonzalez says:

    VANESSA: “I put siracha on everything, I’m ready”

    SEAN: “oh honey….”

  5. HerisheyUK says:

    We need to see Big Shaq on here.

  6. Hunter Knight says:

    She’s 1000% high for this

  7. Kearjn says:

    I love her but I cant be the only one whos getting annoyed the way she takes the bit of the wings lol why is she eating them from the top and not the side.

  8. brandon lotsberg says:

    100% she’s on drugs during this. and I ain’t buying the black pepper allergy

  9. John Botelho says:

    Contrary to popular belief.. I think that this was a wierd and awkward interview.

  10. A Rose that grew from concrete says:

    Someone get this man a late night talk show

  11. CaptainScarBeard says:

    The Da bomb bite was like Squidward trying a krabby patty.

  12. Actorsstudio2777 says:

    Last time Bill Burr now Vanessa Hudgens…guess we’re going back to eye candy.

  13. i u r i says:


    -Gordon Ramsay
    -Elon Musk
    -Leonardo DiCaprio
    -Tom Hanks
    -Samuel L. Jackson
    -Steve Carell
    -Aaron Paul
    -Ryan Reynolds
    -Seth MacFarlane
    -Donald Glover
    -Stranger Things cast
    -Game Of Thrones cast
    -Robert Downey Jr.
    -The Rock
    -Chris Pratt
    -Tom Holland
    -Will Smith
    -Dave Chapelle
    -Kendrick Lamar
    -Joey Bada$$
    -Denzel Curry
    -Tyler, The Creator
    -Travis Scott
    -Cardi B
    -Billie Eilish
    -Tom Hardy
    -Jason Bateman
    -Bradley Cooper
    -Jonah Hill
    -Thimothée Chalamet
    -Liza Koshy
    -David Dobrik
    -Joe Rogan
    -Aziz Ansari

    Feel free to give more suggestions

  14. Robbie Shields says:

    Kids that grew up on Disney clicked on this for one reason, because she really wouldn’t be that memorable except…

  15. Osiris 64 says:

    Lil Jon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jonah Hill and Samuel L Jackson

  16. Ryan MACK says:

    Shes still hotter than those wings,and how dare you not have any high school musical questions

  17. theplourde says:

    Spring Breakers was awful. Harmony Korine is someone who
    I’m surprised #MeToo hasn’t taken him down.

  18. pulpfictioncompaz says:

    yoooooo get Gucci Mane on here

  19. Mediocre And Worse says:

    Her outfit looks like she’s about to start salsa dancing to shake off the heat

  20. Casey Todd says:

    Please, for the love of God.. get Chris Pratt on here.

    I know it’s difficult. But whatever it takes, do it. Make it happen. Chris, freakin, Pratt.

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