Vanilla Ice & Witney’s Cha Cha – Dancing with the Stars

Vanilla Ice & Witney’s Cha Cha – Dancing with the Stars

Vanilla Ice and Witney Carson dance the Cha Cha to “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice on the Dancing with the Stars’ Season 23 Premiere!

Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8|7c on ABC!

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20 Responses

  1. newageBoundhippie says:

    now if he just does Ninja Rap at some point I will geek out hardcore….

  2. Kelly Ryan says:

    I don’t care if there wasn’t much cha cha.
    I loved this!!

  3. Amanda Seymour says:

    When I heard what song they had, I was worried it would be a cringe fest
    but it turned out to be so fun to watch! Okay, there wasn’t a lot of
    cha-cha content but they have one more dance before the first elimination
    so they can work on content then. He has the ability and potential.

  4. Santi Romero says:

    I love how smiley Alan Bersten always is during all these dances. I’ve
    never seen him not smile.

  5. Val C.G says:

    His chacha was so good, I wished Witney had put in more of it.
    If there is a switch-up week I would love to see him with Sharna. That
    woman loves old school hip-hop.

  6. 1FTSports says:

    1:24 was crazy. Ice has some sick moves!!!

  7. David Kleinman says:

    WOAH! 110 likes, no dislikes! He may be one of the fan favorites!

  8. David Steck says:

    ninja rap next with the turtles

  9. Ld 125 says:

    They really got it right pairing him up with Witney, her choreography is
    fresh and exciting, always playing to her partners strenghts. It’s about
    time Len was institutionalised

  10. Beste Karaca says:

    i loved it. yas girl you r in it to win it

  11. Cecelia M says:

    “I’m Vanilla Ice…my real name is Rob” lmao

  12. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    This was so cute! i loved it ! Vanilla Ice has some moves!

  13. Nadia Lynch says:

    Rollin’ in my 5.0….
    With my ragtop down so my hair can blow!

  14. Screamin' Lisa says:

    They should have saved Ice Ice Baby for the freestyle. I think he is going
    to be around a long time in this competition

  15. RIP EVO says:

    Brought a 5.0 from that era, nice touch!

  16. MapCandyLand says:

    pretty good dance. needs a little more cha cha you know? But this was an
    enjoyable dance

  17. Janaka says:

    Damn Witney was wearing the hell out of that outfit. Her and Vanilla were

  18. Koi Pond says:

    As fun as Witney’s Carlton routine. She’s been nailing iconic dances so

  19. Jamie Wickham says:

    i died laughing when he said “what’s a mirrorball?” lmaoooo

  20. De4dCert says:

    Hell yea! Those moves in the last section nothing like them.