Vanoss Crew Reddit Memes w/Nogla & Terroriser

Vanoss Crew Reddit Memes w/Nogla & Terroriser

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35 Responses

  1. Talus Totalus says:

    We need a Vanoss Crew subreddit if there isn’t already one

  2. Ghoul says:

    Bringing up Mini Ladd’s past in every video is gonna be the tradition to the reaction channel

    • Caligula 300 says:

      @Yayomax Mini has lots of reasons for us to express our hatred, we shouldn’t suddenly stop just because some time has passed. He’s way too much to not get punished for his crimes. I would of thought his channel would of gotten taken down at lease but he’s trying to rebrand? PFFFT 😂

    • Caligula 300 says:

      A tradition that should carry on forever 😉

    • LieLaxx says:

      @l dude just stop, youre just digging yourself deeper. What Mini did was completely wrong and should be criticized for it no matter how much time passes. What’s next? Stop hating Hitler, its been so long since then so just stop hating the poor dude?

  3. Hidden says:

    Damn, Brian starting to laugh like Andrew Garfield

  4. Luis Torres says:

    12:40 Nogla’s reaction is literally the meme HAHAHA

  5. Nico Cuevas says:

    12:42 for once Nogla is speechless. And I’ll dying 😂

  6. Timothy Savage says:

    The fact Nogla and Terroriser go well together with this is priceless.

    They should consider inviting Moo, Marcel, Panda, Scotty and the rest of their friends for reactions too.

    I think Moo reacting to some of the wild stuff Nogla and Terroriser do, would be hilarious.

  7. Hypnotic Skull says:

    Seeing Evan being kinda shy is pretty adorable

  8. Attis Rebirth says:

    It’s perfect how many of Mini quote and “characters” reflect the monster he really is

  9. Bella Muerte says:

    I didn’t know Brian’s father had passed away so the story of his vlog channel was heartbreaking, I hope he does end up picking up vlogging at some stage even if it’s not on that channel

  10. lucifixo says:

    Vanoss not saying a word when leaving and texted Terroriser is literally just Introverts @ their one Extroverted friend in a party 💀

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