Vasiliy Lomachenko is Unstoppable Against Commey, Knockdown Rd 7 Batters Him to Victory | HIGHLIGHTS

Vasiliy Lomachenko is Unstoppable Against Commey, Knockdown Rd 7 Batters Him to Victory | HIGHLIGHTS

Watch highlights from the main event of #LomaCommey featuring #VasiliyLomachenko and Richard Commey. In the fight, #Loma was in fine form scoring a knockdown in round 7 and just battering Commey for all 12 rounds getting decision.

Next Up for Top Rank Boxing, WBC/IBF unified light heavyweight world champion Artur Beterbiev moved to Montreal nearly a decade ago to embark on his professional journey following a pair of Olympic berths for his native Russia. Sixteen fights into his career, he will return to his adopted hometown for the first time as a world champion.

Beterbiev, boxing’s only world champion with a 100 percent knockout rate, will defend his world titles against WBC No. 1 contender and 2012 U.S. Olympian Marcus Browne on Friday Dec. 17 at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

Beterbiev-Browne will headline a loaded world title tripleheader streaming live and exclusively in the United States on ESPN+.

Promoted by Top Rank and Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM), tickets go on sale Saturday, Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. ET and can be purchased by visiting, or emailing GYM’s office directly at

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53 Responses

  1. Cornell Brown says:

    the respect that he gives him when he see that he’s wobbly, love this guy

    • driftking4 says:

      @Cornell Brown Floyd is a fraud and puts people to sleep literally. Loma is great at everything and gives a show. Not even close.

    • driftking4 says:

      @papa non stoppa Haney would get ktfo and Shakur would b running and hugging all night. He would put the fighter to sleep but he sure would put the audience to 😴😴

    • driftking4 says:

      @papa non stoppa sounds exactly like when Spence’s delusional fan base tried to make excuses for him when he couldn’t knock out Garcia. “He was trying to prove everyone wrong to show he could box too”😂🤡 yea who would b stupid enough to start boxing when u know u can try and get a ko on a ppv event to make urself look great and put on a show.

    • Lopez says:

      @Damonnnnnn1k nah Haney is good but loma is better

    • Lopez says:

      @papa non stoppa he didn’t want to hurt him dummy

  2. Adfunk says:

    He genuinely liked Commey – you could tell from the lead up to this fight, so he didn’t want to knock him out cold. Never seen a fighter so in control.

    • Robert Rod says:

      When watching the later rounds I could tell Loma wasn’t putting anything behind the punches. He did not want hurt him. He was sparring with him.

    • Gallo Fino says:

      @Robert Rod loma was putting everything he had, but it just wasnt enough. It was credit to Commeys body shots and counters pushing Loma back rather than Loma “showing mercy” This is the high level fight game, a KO wouldve been more safe for Commey than round after round nonstop lethal head trauma.

    • Gallo Fino says:

      @msftvsn than why didnt he KO Commey? He had 5 rounds to do it after the KD, but couldn’t. I dont deny Loma was far superior to Commey but Commey was able to sneak some good shots in the pocket on Loma that pushed back his attempts at the KO

    • I Petrik says:

      @Gallo Fino he clearly wanted the fight stopped instead of doing unnecessary damage to Commey.

    • Nas A says:

      @Gallo Fino exactly

  3. Victor says:

    This grandmaster doesn’t need belts to be the best of the generation.

    • xxkillin3mxx says:

      yep, everyone knows how dangerous he is. non of the current belt holders will want to fight him

    • YGNYung says:

      He is not the best of the generation smh

    • alfredo reese says:

      @xxkillin3mxx how 🙄 Lopez just beat him for his belt! Don’t get me wrong he is a very good difficult fighter but ppl been scared nah… he just lost…

    • Eduardo Chavez says:

      @alfredo reese and nobody thinks Lopez is actually better than loma. he fought the dude and didnt throw for like 6 rounds with a tore rotator cuff and still looked better than Lopez. he just didnt get the win on points due to starting too late/less activity. people now think losing means retirement or ‘its over”….anybody whom has actually challenged themselves regularly and not cowardly stacking everything in their favor at all times, loses man. its part of life.those that never lost will do everything under the sun to say its bc they are perfect, but be around someone like that and you’ll soon see how “imperfect” they are and how many sketchy things they do to mask anything that challenges them. its the way they are. its called narcissism. “I can do it, but if others do it its cheating”. and they dont feel any remorse bc to save their fragile egos, they project all their negatives onto others. so anything bad they do, they accuse others of. think about that for a second honestly.

    • xxkillin3mxx says:

      @alfredo reese and he was afraid of the rematch! he got loma when he wasn’t on his best. he had a shoulder injury. lopez just proves my point even more. lopez lost to kambosos lol. loma would destroy kambosos.

  4. Nicholas Ali says:

    Watching this fight made me realize that Lomachenko is a special individual 💯says alot about a person to not strike the fatal blow in a gladiator fight. He could’ve finished Commey anytime after that, but didn’t. He is a very good human being ✅respect from Canada 🇨🇦

    • Emerson Mel says:

      Why are people calling loma a killer he can’t even knock no one out. He goes the distance and fan boys act like he destroyed a champion.
      C class fighter. Oops 🙊 forgot loma has 2 loses.

    • Eduardo Chavez says:

      @Philo Beddoe no its not. by those standards, floyd rarely did his job.

    • Eduardo Chavez says:

      @jjames 1993 ahhh, yes and no lol.

    • Eduardo Chavez says:

      @Thewholetruth Nothing else bro, Davis is the only one that has refused to fight anyone not signed to showtime. look at who is doing all the finger pointing and thats usually the one most to blame for it. the only who said we are only fighting “on this side of the street” is his team. floyd did everything he accuses others of doing and never once admitted to any of his mistakes man. think about that rationally.

    • Ivan Matvienko says:

      @Philo Beddoe What a fck respect for fans are you talking about? Have you ever worn gloves and entered the boxing ring, boy? There were deaths in the professionall boxing for the past years. Respet or life? Loma showed his respect to Commey’s health. You shouldn’t follow boxing.

  5. Arexis Ghastly says:

    Not only is he a very classy champion but a legend in the sport already. I have no doubt that nobody can beat this man when he’s at his best.

    • Byus says:

      @Ace Cash that not discrediting hahaha bruh you’re a class act.

    • Ace Cash says:

      Devin Haney 23y/o. 27-0.
      Loma 33y/o. 16-2. I know loma the great white hope..
      Gotta pick another tho! He ain’t it🤣
      P.S why Loma gave up his wbc belt too Devin instead of beating his ass like you believe he can?
      You believe in Loma more then Loma believe in himself!
      He’s sounding like your lord and savior on Sunday🤣

    • Byus says:

      @Ace Cash ahhhh ok guy. running around using words you dont understand and talking out your ass. good day to you

    • Nas A says:

      @Byus How does he run when he out-lands his opponents? And chooses to stay in the pocket for some rounds?

    • Byus says:

      @Nas A I said against loma I bet he will run around the ring a lot. no one said Haney runs every fight.

  6. xcH1NOx1 says:

    Loma has re-entered The Matrix, you see the 🔥 is back in his eyes and performance. This division is stacked with greats baby.

    • Shaun Stephens says:

      Vintage loma his footwork is unmatched those angles were crazy he had commey looking like he was on a merry go round several time’s through out the fight much respect to commey for hanging in there even though I think loma could’ve finished him or at least dropped him twice in the 7th

    • The Greek says:

      @Armen AR Tank lol.. WHO ???lol..

    • Snowwy says:

      @Ray Romano with a shoulder injury

    • Makeluck365 says:

      @TBE I love guys like you exposing themselves for who they really are. 1. Hate a fighter because of race 2. Don’t understand a boxers resume 3. old school fan mentality,must be a bum if he lost. 4. You’re a Fan boy 5. You’re a casual.
      6. Someone isn’t hype when they back up skills. 7 you’re what’s wrong with boxing, toughen up tin skin boy.

    • Makeluck365 says:

      @Emerson Mel you’re a casual 💯.

  7. Teslas Tea Party says:

    Still think he is the best fighter I’ve ever seen! The footwork and his shot selection are a thing of beauty.

  8. B Sample says:

    Richard Commey has the heart of a lion. Thought he was done in the 7th and came back firing. Showed he has massive nuts, never stopped trying. Respect. 👏

  9. Heroes Workshop says:

    Loma should’ve really just finish the fight. Not many are gonna give him that courtesy if it happened to him.
    He has tons of class but shouldn’t risk his win. He can be classy after the fight. It’s not his job to be his opponent’s cornerman.

    • Nas A says:

      @Chris Branco This is boxing. Fuck the excuses. He made it seem like if his corner didn’t stop it, he was going to hurt him and get a ko. A bunch of boxers like and respect each other

    • Javier Floris says:

      Maybe boxing needs more fighters like him

    • Nas A says:

      @alejandro Preciado This is boxing. Literally both men risk being hurt and risk their lives. Loma knows how to get knockdowns, all he had to do was continue to knock him down. Commey’s corner was still confident clearly, and Loma wanted the easy way out

    • Chris Branco says:

      @Nas A If he jumped on him at that moment he would have hurt him.

    • Chris Branco says:

      @MaximumVelocity But he’s the only one who will actually fight anyone. The other “killers” fight tomato cans…and even have trouble beating them.

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    Vasiliy Lomachenko just went crazy on Commey, I give Commey credit for survivng 12 rounds after taking those crazy hits.

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