Veep Season 5: Trailer (HBO)

Veep Season 5: Trailer (HBO)

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Veep Season 5 premieres April 24, only on HBO

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It’s HBO.

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17 Responses

  1. Brendan Kennedy says:

    Yasss kweeen!

  2. Ethan Hart says:

    Best show on TV.

  3. Felipe Puerta Velasco says:

    Can the trailer be so funny?! Love VEEP :)

  4. 12hedwig says:

    Love the trailer! (but only one Dan scene? 🙁 )

  5. Ethan Cartwright says:

    Roger Sterling is in Veep? Game of thrones isn’t the only thing I’m excited
    for April 24

  6. MsUsagi513 says:

    Dr. House and Roger Sterling?!

  7. Charles Greenwald says:


  8. Bernadette Hill says:

    holy shit lolol

  9. rakan alshubat says:

    my level of anticipation for this rivals Game of Thrones! one helluva
    sunday thats going to be 4.24.16 <3

  10. Haleigh Presta says:

    “I’m not THAT kind of a President.” Selina Meyer is not JFK!

  11. G C says:

    whats the song title?

  12. Kat Kat says:

    Can’t wait! I’ve been watching seasons 1-4 on a loop (literally) for like
    the past two months. Love. this. show. Best thing on TV.

  13. MrRakan220 says:

    I can’t watch this show, I feel so awkward for the characters

  14. Maria Osorio says:

    Can’t wait!

  15. Elenor Garrard says:

    i can watch it on screenvariety right now

  16. bulletdeception says:

    Never seen this, is this funny house of cards?

  17. realdeal21 says:

    HOUSE IS BACK!!!!!!