Vegan BBQ Ribs Taste Test

Vegan BBQ Ribs Taste Test

Josh put vegan things on a stick, covered them in BBQ sauce, and called them ribs.  GMMore #1425

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52 Responses

  1. Titan gaming says:

    Yo,this video is super good and the thing is that your raising 200.000us dollars is amazing.Keep up the good work and plz make some more will it ___.

  2. Mackey Pan says:

    It still feels kinda weird seeing Alex without Mike. I miss Mike

  3. Maddalyn Mooney says:

    okay but Alex looking like a snacc

  4. Crispy Corn Chips says:

    Best excuse: but it’s on a stick

  5. xilyin Lee says:

    it taste like you took tofu and put barbeque sauce on it

  6. Khanh vũ says:

    Hey, New Rhett also spin the wheel on Gifticality on purpose too <3

  7. James Aditya says:

    “…but it’s on a stick”

  8. Riya says:

    Slap it on a stick and put some barbecue sauce on it

  9. Touksaur says:

    ” Yeah, eat this. It is.. maybe.. gonna be good.”

  10. Me Laura says:

    Alex is looking great these days!!

  11. saya says:

    I love how Alex obviously stopped the wheel at Gifticality? No hate, I think what they’re doing is for a great cause.

  12. Lank Asif says:

    This was AMAZING!!! I can’t believe you got Michael Cera’s mustache to host GMMore with Alex ;p

  13. vspence2 says:

    Honestly id eat most of those, and not because I’m vegan or vegetarian, but because I just love handheld foods on sticks doused in bbq sauce so much.

  14. EJ Banfield says:

    Did you put Josh on Link’s side because he has glasses too? ???

  15. Chiaki Kuwahara says:

    two dudes are chilling in front of a camera, love it

  16. TheSippincoffee says:

    We need more Josh and Alex

  17. Stephanie Cunningham says:

    Note to Alex’s girlfriend: If a dude is willing to go vegetarian just for you, that is LOVE.

  18. Jessica Ross says:

    Josh has his priority crew list?
    The guys did us proud today with a great episode. Teaching us by putting it on a stick and smother it it BBQ sauce and there you have it vegan ribs!

  19. balamb25 says:

    Wait…. I think I hear Stevie laughing in the background. Does that mean Rhett and Link were wandering around Memphis without adult supervision?? ?

  20. Ian James LeFave says:

    Josh’s sense of humor always catches me off guard – wish he was in more episodes!

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