Vegeta VS Thor (DBZ VS Marvel) | DBX!

Vegeta VS Thor (DBZ VS Marvel) | DBX!

DBX Returns with a bout for the ages! It’s Vegeta VS Thor! The Prince of Saiyans vs the lord of lightning! This electric match is sure to be a blast!

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53 Responses

  1. Daniel Chausse says:

    “…and no research” Proceeds to ramble on for two more minutes. Battle only lasts 30 seconds.

    • Xmedix says:

      Gray Snake so Thor just gets blasted huh? Knowing death battle I shouldn’t expect better

    • Mrthenekin says:

      @Xmedix they’ve actually been stepping up their game when it comes to the animations. This was just bad though.

    • Jordan McGarty says:

      @Mrthenekin its back and forth ive noticed, some are just absolute trash and look worse than the ones from 6 years ago, and some are fantastic (loved machamp vs goro and the one they just produced)

    • slashkamei says:

      its not even research, its just the most bare bones info about a character so you even know who this person IS

    • Mr Thanos says:

      No one cares about the ringmaster just show the fight also it was two blast and a hammer throw wtf was that

  2. FancyBrainMould says:

    Honestly, that animation wasn’t that good. I’ve seen DB and DBX for years and I know they’re better than this.

  3. Darius Orsei says:

    I’m not even a fan of Dragonball and Vegeta went down way too easily.

    • Josh Mc grath says:

      @che wangia he is universe level there are mutipule guide to prove it for example when goku was a ssjgod and fought beerus the manga states if they kept fighting the universe would be destroyed and in super vegeta mainly uses ssjgod and ssjblue which is X50 times stronger then ssjgod so if you don’t think vegeta is a universe buster even tho he has a form that’s X50 times stronger then ssjgod which is confirmed to be universal I don’t know what to tell you m8

    • IamJerf says:

      @Josh Mc grath but how can you still prove that without actual feats from Vegeta. We know Goku was able to something like that but we never see Vegeta do the same. Just because one person does it doesnt mean the other can do the same without showing proof

    • Josh Mc grath says:

      @IamJerf we know because it’s stated throughout super tat vegeta and goku are equals and besides if goku can almost destroy the universe with ssjgod then vegeta could easily do the same with a form that’s X50 times stronger like I still think thor would win but I don’t like it when people down play characters

    • Umbral Guy says:

      The real death battle are the comments in this comment

    • Matt B says:

      @Broker Yu just sucked all around.

  4. hypershadic11 says:

    What the hell is your budget? Like this was Loki just sad.

  5. Michael O'Brien says:

    Can a brotha get a couple more frames a second?

  6. Arclor says:

    Gonna try to be constructive here:

    The good: 3D animation is always welcome. Sound design was well done. Weird thor skin, but I kinda dig the novelty approach flr a show like this.

    The bad: The animation was very short, not smooth, the camera angles were weird – lot of close ups, looked like they were both using mobile game super attacks the entire time, and the killing blow didn’t look believable at all (no amount of “no research” could make it believable).

  7. Raziel 2499 says:

    Mulan vs. Lucina?
    Jeez, who could possibly win in a battle based on popular vote?

    • zaki1500 says:

      Yeah, Mulan is definitely more popular

    • Kirin Jojo says:

      Mulan: Trained to be a man.
      Lucina: Plays dress up as her ancestor.
      Mulan: Defeated the Hun.
      Lucina: Barely beat Grima.
      If Lucina wins, it’ll only be by popularity votes. I can’t see that happening though.(Not because there’s little special about Lucina, but because the next fight may have EVEN LESS frames.)

    • xKOSATx says:

      My question is why are they even paired together in the first place?

    • Sarfraz Ali says:

      @xKOSATx because their both humans …

    • Aqua1099 says:

      xKOSATx They’re both female warriors who disguised themselves as men.

  8. iHunter says:

    Death Battle!: Thor Wins!

    Dragon Ball Fans: so you’ve chosen Death

    • Vegeta Super Saiyan Elite says:

      @unparallel Zombie SSGSS is multi universal

    • Ronald Arras says:

      @unparallel Zombie but Thor has yeeted a nuetron star and with help blew up a multi galaxy size black hole

    • Light Yagami says:

      gonyx4 vegeta ssg blue died when frieza destroyed earth. Thor survived and single serious punch from galactus…..that sent him flying threw the earth, out one side and split the moon in half. So you know what thordoes, he flys across the universe picks up this crazy magic swords and speed blitz back to earth to stab through galactus, galactus ends up absorbing the sword and becomes this multiplanet sized god that could destroy planets in his palm and eventually becomes a REAL mulitversal threat when the living tribunal gets involved. Do you see the difference in power between these characters? lmao

    • Gamma Bat says:

      @Jester Double vegeta can destroy a universe with ease this wasn’t a fight based on anything it was simply a vote

    • INS0MN1AC says:

      unparallel Zombie solar systems? Man SSGSS is multiversal to dimensional in strength have you been paying attention

  9. craig ball says:

    Ignoring the result that was the most boring “fight” I’d ever seen

  10. Fernando Rüth says:

    This is the very definition of underwhelming.

  11. Sufferown1 says:

    Battle: Vegeta vs Viking Zangief vs The Framerate

  12. Luis N. Claudio says:

    This video was too short, even by DBX’s standards.

  13. Xavier-Thomas Mendoza says:

    With all of your experience and death battles, this was so underwhelming! Y’all gave them like two attacks each. There wasn’t even any fist fighting. Let alone all the powers each of them have with all the fights and experiences both characters have.

  14. R.I.P Geno Cultshit says:

    There’s too many things wrong here to even point out 😂

  15. cm4n63 says:

    This is just as badly animated as the first dbx

    And that’s saying something

  16. JoshTigerheart says:

    After the really well done 3D fights like Goro versus Machamp and She-Ra versus Wonder Woman, the quality of this animation just makes me sad.

  17. slashkamei says:

    man, everything about that fight kinda sucked…winner aside it was not the best way to start off DBX

    • Fish out of Fire says:

      @BXGamingTV Except when they win. Majin Buu and Goku are the only Dragon Ball Z characters to lose in Death Battle. Also, until today Dragon Ball Z characters were undefeated in DBX.

    • underpro 8907 says:

      My question is how did Thor beat vegeta HOW

    • L00rdAjduk says:

      @underpro 8907 comic characters are generally a lot stronger than weeb characters.

    • Demarkus 456 says:

      @Cooper Staley then explain goku vs superman, goku has years of experience training night and day ever since he was on earth, super man dosen’t.

    • Ravenray 167 says:

      Cooper Staley Hit had as much if not more and Goku beat him after the black arc. Grow a brain.

  18. mokajones74 says:

    The New, less inspired intro was longer than The 10fps fight…

  19. Ga lactic says:

    Wow this fight was horrible. The Thor model looks like a disproportionately buff Ken toy and the framerate was 2 fps.

  20. Alex E says:

    Yall even trying at this point?

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