venice, italy

venice, italy

a special thank you to cartier for sending me to the venice film festival. it was was truly a beautiful and memorable experience.

filmed by michael chamberlain
edited by emma chamberlain

chamberlain coffee,
tiktok: @chamberlaincoffee


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35 Responses

  1. Kameko A says:

    The fact that Emma is so comfortable to just be herself infront of her dad filming her.. I hope my kids feel that comfortable and safe with me.

  2. onlydaae says:

    her dad following her around with the camera in the reflection is the funniest wholesome thing ever

  3. Amanda Taylor says:

    The fact that her dad is her videographer is such an underrated flex. I wish I could do that for my family.

  4. hannah august vlogs says:

    her dad’s videography complements her humor so much, truly a dream team

  5. jeanne says:

    Michael’s cinematography slays he’s too good and Emma’s edits are just on point!!
    as a European I’m loving how these vlogs really encapsulate western Europe energy <3 such a good job love it

  6. Fernando A says:

    I love seeing the world through her fathers eyes. You can definitely see he’s in artist since all his shots are brilliant

  7. eve says:

    The cinematography by Michael is everything

  8. Julia Flowers says:

    I love how Emma every time she travels somewhere manages to capture the vibe of the specific place she visits🤍

  9. James Jay says:

    Imagine emma making a netflix show and traveling around the world

  10. Alyssa Perry says:

    Your dad traveling & supporting you like this is just… precious. Losing my dad 2 years ago makes watching these video that much more heartwarming. Thank you for letting us watch these wonderful moments in your life, Emma!

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