VENOM – Official Trailer (HD)

VENOM – Official Trailer (HD)

We Are #Venom. 10.5.18

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award® nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.

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Tom Hardy
Michelle Williams
Riz Ahmed
Scott Haze
Reid Scott

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65 Responses

  1. Tim Westphal says:

    Well… this looks terrifying and awesome… Just not sure which one more so. Terrifying or awesome what do you think?

  2. Marcos Amparo says:


  3. Lewis Clairemont says:

    Why are they saying it SIM-BAI-OWT? It annoys me.

  4. Rexy1000 says:

    Makes spider Man 3’s venom look like a teddy bear

  5. Android Technology says:

    Any spider man fans are eagerly waiting for this moVie….?😍😍😍
    I am waiting for the release😘😘

  6. Giih Tamburi says:


  7. Hentai Haven says:

    2:19 *That’s The Beauty Of Technology (CGI)*

    • Of Legend I Am Born says:

      We’ve only seen a few promo images and a 2-second clip. I’m wondering if his eyes are going to move like in some of the comics. He had distinct “brow ridges” in many so you could see his emotions.

    • _ ELement _ says:

      Hentai Haven
      I love you’re name dude! XD

    • Eric Schuster says:

      I still would prefer just Tom Hardys face (or just his eyes just like in Dunkirk or as Bane), but just some CGI crap over an actors face is never good…

    • Dave Vd says:

      Polverine74 they look quite nice and it depends on the comic art style but agreed a quick imagine search proves that in most drawings venom has eyes that look like i’s 2/3 of his face.
      Though in the movie it would look quite silly.

    • Dave Vd says:

      Hentai Haven that’s true i’d be impressed beyond reason if they could make this work in practical effects.
      But that’s expensive time consuming and might even be impossible so CGI it is.

  8. IHSComics ` says:

    We need Spiderman as the antagonist of this movie. That’s the reason why Venom exist in the first place (before you say that he existed before, that was the symbiote, AKA, black slime, not Venom himself)

    • Teh Ribbons says:

      I think it’ll still be good without Spidey but it’d def be better with him

    • Kevin Nelson says:

      The symbiote is sentient, it calls itself venom. Venom has taken many hosts before (including the likes of Deadpool and obviously Peter Parker even before taking Eddie Brock as a host).

    • 1st Class Dork says:

      True his obsession over Peter (Spiderman) was what drove him to try and kill and or beat him but he probably won’t be in this movie since rumors would have shown Tom in the cast

  9. Rapbots says:

    Any one from INDIA 🇮🇳?

  10. Shady Doorags says:

    This looks so try-hard. Actually stating in the trailer that he’s an anti-hero. What made Venom interesting was his relationship to Spidey. How he was an immoral human who saw Spidey as a too moral god. How both the symbiote and the human had similar interests that they were willing to work together to achieve.
    It’s the Man of Steel approach all over again. This isn’t the character Venom, it’s another character with Venom’s powers.

    • flippynl says:

      there was plenty of venom only comics and often was the anti-hero. i think they save the spidey bond for the next movie.

    • Kyriolexical Dino says:

      Shady Doorags You ever read 90s venom comics? This is pretty much just a film adaptation of that.

    • OG GamerEX says:

      Leroy Dively They could of done it actually very close with Infinity War.

    • Not Xeno Chill says:

      Shady Doorags its based off the lethal protector comic storyline, AKA the comic where venom was an antihero who defended LA, just like in the movie

    • Darryl Brumfield says:

      Nikka shut up. You’re trying to hard. Just don’t watch the movie. Simple.

  11. Experimental Professor says:

    Venom’s voice and the talking in third person just sold me on this whole movie

  12. DC and Marvel Fangirl says:

    Is it just me or the music in the background kinda sounds like the infinity war trailer music

  13. Enkii Muto says:

    “You should be extremely afraid”
    I think it is fair to say we all are in regards to this movie.

    • True Discord says:

      It will either be great or awful, and I hope this trailer doesn’t do it justice because it looks eh.

  14. Cactus316000 says:

    0:17 Is that two symbiotes?

  15. Hilbert Faria says:


  16. Hansal Upadhyay says:

    I thought thumbnail….🙄

  17. Sandwich says:

    Looks more like Prototype 3 to me.

  18. nxssm says:

    IT’S LIT 🚨

  19. PaRaDoXxXxX says:

    Хороший фильм, но смотреть я его конечно же не буду

  20. _-_ _-_ says:

    That’s one of the only times where a character said our name and I didn’t cringe.

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