venting online about a hard part in a video game

venting online about a hard part in a video game

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97 Responses

  1. Anon E. Mousse says:

    git gud

  2. FightingMario54321 says:

    *_G I T G U D_*

  3. Erik Gutierrez says:

    Siri, how do I delete *all* *of* *Twitter!?*

    in the distance:

    *GIT* *GUD!*

  4. Christopher Torres says:

    Siri: Adding GIT GUD to your shopping list…

  5. DesmaX says:

    man, this poop dragon fight’s a pain in the ass

  6. Dat says:

    im stuck on the poop dragon level aswell

    • KinGQII says:

      Well played, Fecalborne.

    • Tester Kim says:

      mate, you should never play the diarrhea tholl in nintendo 23ds with knuckles. that is the real shit. litterally.

    • Aidan sucks at games says:

      Just use the blade of paper kills it in one hit

    • Chris C. says:

      Dat We meet again

    • Ren Cen says:

      Have you try the cheese it routes?
      It basically just involve either crafting or using laxative on the dragon or feeding it foods that cause constipation like cheese!
      I must warm you that that either routes will result in a big splash (laxative will be at the start of the battle while constipation will be near the end)! As long you know when to put your defences (and have cleanse and hold breaths at the ready) up in good timing, the boss will be easy to beat!!

  7. I Want Boba says:

    this is one of my favorite skits. the amount of fuckbois who need to show off their e-peen when you just wanna vent is un-fucking-believable

    • The Lemming says:

      Ranchor489 aka the whole entire internet
      Just one giant baseless reaction
      Embrace apathy

    • christian Chavarria says:

      YuNg MeMeS
      You got me where it hurts man, my saved videos! How will I ever come back from that *massive* L??
      SEND HELP.

    • christian Chavarria says:

      YuNg MeMeS
      Relax buddy, I wasn’t “cursing you out” just because I said fuckface.
      The language I used was intended to expose all the things you were trying to defend by saying “lol it’s just opinions.”
      You and I know damn well that nobody here is falling for that technical 6 year old bullshit. Opinions vary widely, and while it’s possible to offend people with a normal opinion, mostly just don’t be a dick and hide behind it “just being your opinion”
      Because I can go back and forth all day if someone wants to say that goofy shit. They can give their “opinion” (aka saying unhelpful dickhole things) and I could say it’s just my *opinion* that they’re being a pathetic dick, and according to them they shouldn’t get offended because that’s just my opinion and if they have any feelings on the subject they’re just sensitive and stupid right?

    • christian Chavarria says:

      YuNg MeMeS
      But hey maybe we can watch some dunkey later eh friend?

    • LoLAwesomechad says:

      Oh yeah? I play dark souls games and never once did I vent about it on social media platforms or any platform that can be used to attract attention. Learn to suck it up and get good.

  8. secretxla says:

    I did a poop dragon this morning.

  9. H3NTA1 変態 says:

    *_C U P H E A D_*

  10. dmrc43 says:

    I love it.

    In all its shitposting glory?

  11. Andrew Schmitt says:

    I wish my PSP had Siri

  12. Neefew _ says:

    Haha. He used a phone as a psp!

  13. StickMaster500 says:

    Dean Takahashi playing Cuphead’s tutorial level

  14. PowahSlap Entertainmint says:

    *_(This game is just like Dark Souls)_*

  15. Verociel says:

    That dude who spoils like the whole thing needs to burn in all circles of seven hells

  16. UnPhayzable says:

    Poop Dragon is literally the 3rd boss in the game, start your complaining when you have to face Butt Baron, his fire rate is 150 shits per second

  17. Justin Young says:

    *T O U H O U*

  18. Justin Young says:

    *A ProZD skit not on trending? What alternate timeline are we on?*

  19. Cap'nCinnamonBun says:

    His PSP has Siri?
    We’re all living in 2017 while he is living in 2119

  20. RedRiot says:

    Nailed it as usual

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