Vergil Ortiz Jr. Calls Out Terence Crawford AGAIN For A World Title Fight

Vergil Ortiz Jr. Calls Out Terence Crawford AGAIN For A World Title Fight

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48 Responses

  1. Raul Ledesma says:


    • Three Official says:

      Funny all the black Fighters have to fight each other Thurman vs porter porter vs Crawford Crawford vs Spence Spence vs. Thurman but I bet you will never see Ortiz Jr vs Mikey Garcia Mikey Garcia vs Jose Ramirez or Jose Ramirez vs Vergil Ortiz because they all ran to the same camp to have an excuse not to fight each other like always

    • gtech94 says:

      @Three Official 😂

    • Hùng Kiệt says:

      @Kendrick Rogers Ortiz will KO him!

    • LostAngeles says:


    • Henry cruz says:

      I think he could beat but Crawford I’m not saying but Crawford can’t beat him but I think they both got equal chances if Vergil Ortiz plays his cards right like he has been and not get too anxious but not too careful either he could win

  2. Xavier Mosqueda says:

    Dude isn’t scared to fight anyone how could you not like the 23 year old kid he is a beast

    • Doomsday says:

      @Aaron Ramkalawan Canelo has been fighting top opposition tho and is trying to fight Caleb who is rank number 2 at 168 and is the undefeated champion

    • Homer Simpson says:

      @Quinx Mexicans have always shined.

    • Quinx says:

      @Homer Simpson Don’t get me wrong, I love the Mexicans with all my heart but these past few years has been the best for them ever since Pacquiao and Mayweather dominated the WW division. Fortunately for them, Pac may retire soon as well. This means that the Mexicans can dominate boxing once more 💯🇲🇽

    • Maurice Daniel says:

      And sad part he’s only getting smarter stronger & each fight …ortiz needs Ennis or Crawford NEXT

    • Kenon Johnson says:

      @Maurice Daniel preferably Ennis. He haven’t said his name yet as tho he don’t exist in the WW division

  3. PI says:

    I really like Ortiz Jr. He is humble talented and well composed for a young guy under adversity in this fight. I’d like to see him fight Crawford. I lean towards Crawford winning by KO because of the skillset matchup, but with Ortiz Jr.’s power and strong will he could possibly get the KO if he catches Crawford slipping.

    • Lisa Snow says:

      Right!!!! Same

    • anthony david says:

      Crawford is definitely beatable because he doesn’t take punches very well.He hasn’t fought a legit prime fighter yet,& Ortiz is just the guy to give him his 1st loss.I don’t get what people see in Terence Crawford.He’s considered great because of what?All that wild stuff he does & bad defense.He severely overrated to me.

    • Philly Joe Jones says:

      @anthony david You see his style. You just don’t like him…understandable.

    • PI says:

      @anthony david Can’t disagree on you saying Crawford is beatable because he does get hit and Ortiz JR. Just needs one exchange. Only reason I give Crawford the edge is because he has a better varied jab, timing and footwork IMO than Ortiz JR. Ortiz JR. has that power and great ring IQ and could possibly stop Crawford if Crawford tries to slug it out with Ortiz JR. I believe Crawford’s movement, rhythm, timing and punch selection and power will be a problem for Ortiz JR. Because he seems easy to time. It also seems like people underestimate Bud’s strength and power. Ortiz JR. Seems to be the one with more power, but it’s not by much if he has more in my opinion.

    • terrerov says:

      @anthony david Thank you. I have been saying the same thing about Crawford for a while. Overrated.

  4. J Mor says:

    Virgil giving Chris Mattox that crazy stare😂

  5. Rhyan Hutton says:

    Vergil has a heart of a Lion, give him the big fights.

    • Brass Tacks Boxing says:

      @Ollie Grigg u are crazy AF. he can bang with the best RIGHT NOW, win ir lose.

    • Ollie Grigg says:

      @Brass Tacks Boxing yes offensively, but his defence will lose him fights against the very best

    • Brass Tacks Boxing says:

      @Ollie Grigg maybe, but his heart and chin make up for his minor defensive flaws. And btw, his defences isn’t exactly awful. He is fundamentally sound. It’s just his Aztec warrior mentality. He love ls to trade.

    • David Campos says:

      Thay was one.

    • Rhyan Hutton says:

      @Ollie Grigg he wants to fight the best, It doesn’t matter if he takes a loss, we need to get back to boxing where fighters fight and worry less about the 0.

  6. Q4Life says:

    Spence had just scratched his other eye after watching this fight

    • King K. Rool says:

      Spence has a body of a terminator and has a great resume but I’m not gonna lie Im no longer a fan of him anymore after the way he ducked the pacquiao fight.

    • Fabian Talamantes says:


    • Tiger Stripe says:

      @King K. Rool he injured his eye he didnt duck manny he called out manny and was training hard for thr fight

    • King K. Rool says:

      @Tiger Stripe there’s no evidence that his eye is really injured, neither did a doctor ever tell him he couldn’t fight pacquiao. Spence was supposed to be too big and too strong and too young for old 43 year old pacquiao and all the pacquiao haters said Spence was gonna smoke pacquiao and yet Spence still felt he couldn’t take the fight and that says something that Spence is not all the truth. Hear me out Spence got a body of a terminator and is a weight bully at 147 and has a far better resume then crawford but still though spence is not no P4p Boogeyman. To me pacquiao is still the goat cause he will still risk a dangerous fight against a young undefeated champion and will still win.

    • GRUMPY says:


  7. Theblacktie Barber says:

    Young lion champion, one of the most humblest boxers today, but when it’s time, beast mode to the max, been a supporter for a while now and I will continue to be ☝🏽

    • Ulises Orozco says:

      No one cares how long you been a supporter a lot of people have and don’t have to mention it you meat rider

    • Rekan Payne says:

      @Ulises Orozco most of the times, the guys that say been a fan since day one are usually new fans hahaha

  8. Envisiongpc says:

    To be honest, only a real sports analyst with no dog in the fight can easily admit the fact that Kava-whatever his name is aka “The Mean Machine” would be a dangerous adversary for anyone who steps in the ring with him. Overall big props to Vergil on the hard earned Victory!

    • Brass Tacks Boxing says:

      Oh yeah, dude is a specimen with a chin, power, endurance, heart, and solid technique. Definitely nobody to sleep on.

    • Envisiongpc says:

      @Brass Tacks Boxing Definitely a problem for whoever’s thinking easy route. 💯👍🏼

    • David Campos says:

      Vergils own fans dont even realize what he just did.

    • Jesus AS says:

      Crawford even had problems with Kavaliuscas, Vergil’s big fight, this guy is already a reality and he stop being a promise

    • Brass Tacks Boxing says:

      @Jesus AS oh yeah, Crawford was arguably knocked down just like ortiz. I feel like ortiz took a bit more punishment than Crawford did, but seeing as vergil had way less championship level experience, he did great. Vergil is a big problem at WW, and gives ANY of the top guys problems. And, not saying he will, but CAN beat anybody in the world at 147.

  9. miguel araujo says:

    Love Vergil’s attitude, when he said “I’m not even tired” 😂

    • joseph cadiao says:

      first time seeing this guy and I love him already. super honest and no BS. pacquiao should pass him the torch

  10. John Wall says:

    I like this kid he’s a real deal no cap about him he’s not scared of none of them he wants all the smoke true champion true warrior

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