Vermilion parish teacher gets arrested at Vermilion parish school meeting

Vermilion parish teacher gets arrested at Vermilion parish school meeting

Teacher Deyshia Hargrave was questioning the school board how they can vote to give the superintendent a raise when school employees have not gotten a raise in years. Security officer from the parish Marshal’s Office told her to leave the room and he would soon arrest her in the hall and call the city police and put her in a patrol unit.

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  1. Nick Conrad says:

    No law may be made “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” – US Constitution.

    • Matthew Baran says:

      Nick Conrad they only like the Constitution when it serves what they want. You are 100% correct. Hell, who gave the officer the order to remove her? To be honest it looks like he did this himself

  2. MEW49 says:

    Absolute disgrace. Glad this was filmed and exposed at the very least..

  3. Jmanrocks321 says:

    Start flooding the school district with calls. Ask then their procedure for supporting teachers, school board meeting, and how agendas work. +13378985764

  4. TNG PC says:

    I’m in Scotland that’s how wide this reached and this fucking disgraceful behaviour from police officer it’s a civil matter she ain’t threat to anyone nor has she issued a threat

  5. Amanda Wilson says:

    They don’t even attempt to hide the corruption.

  6. Blank Name says:

    (337) 898-5764
    Vermilion Parish School Board, Phone

  7. DARK EMPEROR says:

    The officer seems to be making it very personal. Hmm I wonder if there`s somesort of a connection in this corruption.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      Nah, he was simply showing her who had the power! He wears the badge and gun and she had damn well do what he says. She’s also a woman and he is a man. That is an ingrained trait in various parts of the south, both black and white.

    • Michael Codnee says:

      stfu, whats personal about a cop arresting a white woman? she wasnt even harassed. if it were personal, she would be bruised and bleeding badly, or even shot

  8. Michelle Kaiser says:

    This is intimidation and false arrest. I hope she sues the crap out of them!

    • WajiRock says:

      Michelle Kaiser If any deserves to be sued it’s the teacher! She broke the law and deserves to be punished. It’s that simple.

    • Jared B says:

      she left the room on her own accord and should not have been arrested. It’s a shame the taxpayers will have to pay for this officer’s mistake.

  9. spock84 says:

    This is exactly what fascism is.

  10. smipth says:

    p o l i c e s t a t e i n t e n s i f i e s

  11. dacotah dudley says:

    Somebody needs to tar and feather Jerome puyau. Hes the superintendent who got the $38k raise. Here’s his office number 🙂 337-740-5910

  12. Vizulix says:

    Ok boys, let’s get this all the way up to #1 on trending.

  13. G. Monte says:

    This is absolutely sad to watch…

  14. cycopl says:

    Red state. Education is harmful to their agenda.

    • Ben Dover says:

      cycopl a dude who is glamorizing over Rasputin and listening to limp biscuit with kid video games going to mimic what he has heard online

      Gotta love the internet,

    • Bitchness madaf says:

      Cloud what is the purpose of bringing up black crime that somehow relates to Obama’s policies? What do you mean they didn’t deserve an explanation to their other shit? Are you saying that Obama being black also relates to how people forgive black crime or something like that? what are you on about.

    • SeanIsPanda says:

      I’m Fishdogpigsquirrel yes they are.

    • Karnuval says:

      When reddit infiltrates a video you know there is going to be at least one mentally unstable leftist that is somehow going to blame this on a party rather than the indecent superintendent/school board.

    • Jody Robert Ford says:

      shut up

  15. Just Shake Spheres ! says:

    Thanks to this young woman for standing up for the children and those that we trust to educate them

  16. Ketzzy Vargas says:

    Orwellian acts of intimidation. Wow. Really hope this gets the attention it deserves.

  17. seems legit says:

    It looks like the poor handling of this wonderful teacher has now put a national spotlight on your parish. Good job and good luck to the superintendent. I really, really hope you keep your job

  18. Tambourine Man says:

    Superintendent: 337 740 5910
    Keep calling til they pick up. Theyre there.

    • Benjamin Bach says:

      Superintendent: 337 740 5910
      I got through to them just now.
      Let them know throwing a teacher out of a board meeting then arresting her is not ok
      Oh and that a $38,000 raise for a superintendent while teachers get paid sh*t is also not ok

  19. Matthew Arnall says:

    Is there a picture of Stalin on the wall in the background?

  20. Mrr Trent says:

    You are under arrest for raising your hand to calmly address an issue…

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