Version 2.3 Special Program|Genshin Impact

Version 2.3 Special Program|Genshin Impact

Dear Travelers,
This special program will feature juicy details about new game content and developments in Version 2.3. It will also “drop” some redemption codes and other goodies!
Special thanks to Travelers for your support and company. We will bring you more updates and information as they become available~
Travelers, we’ll see you there!
(The redemption codes from this special program will expire on November 12, 11:00 PM (UTC-5), so be quick and redeem them~)

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38 Responses

  1. Kya says:

    Albedo: *chief alchemist*
    Khoi: i gotta do MATH???

  2. Sylvie Chang says:

    “Shadows Amidst Snowstorms”
    “That’s a lot of “s”s”
    I just can’t-

  3. Syntho 0 says:

    If itto doesn’t have a death voice line saying
    We revolt

  4. Vlad St says:

    I appreciate cutting down on the forced giggles and overall “scriptyness”, these actors are already funny, charismatic people, so letting them be more of themselves was enjoyable to watch.

  5. Some One says:

    “We will also encounter a mysterious boss once we get further into the event story”

    Talking about yourself much, Albedo?

    • Jerome Alexis Badis says:

      I think it will be a new harbinger, as my speculations if we are going to follow the current timeline… ver1.2 was the attempt of the fatui under signora stealing the research book of albedo but failed. but since signora was already dead, there will be a chance that a new harbinger was behind the curtain of stealing the research book of albedo (about durin). since scaramouche and childe was both in inazuma. so that kind of mysterious boss that albedo was talking about was a slip of his tongue as we can see that VA of Traveler and Gorou was silent during the moment Albedo VA was speaking of it

    • Чепенко Александр {Hajime Hinata} says:

      Sorry, but no. This boss is just one of this small
      annoying jumping plants. But THIS plant will be a little bigger
      than others. You may not believe me, but it’s true! You will see for yourself soon.

    • GalaxTheOnlyCube says:

      Its the giant whopper flower.

    • Jsh Tng says:

      @Чепенко Александр {Hajime Hinata} It will have the mechanics of a slightly bigger jumping plant but its skin will be a 5* husbando or waifu for people to whale on and argue over. And at C6 it will ascend from being a mere reskinned jumping plant to the most OP unit of 2.3.

  6. Stinky Gato says:

    Gorou: Trying to stay on topic
    Traveler & Albedo: DOG DOG DOG SHINY GOOD BOY

  7. hato says:

    Khoi’s random commentary is making my day. Spicy puppy snake, I can’t lmao

  8. Sinthetik says:

    I love how serious Gorou’s VA was trying to be so serious introducing Gorou, and the whole time Aether and Albedo are going on about how cute he is lol.

  9. Dioodes says:

    kids arguing about whos going to take more candies on halloween*
    Itto: *FIGHT ME*

  10. S T says:

    Every time it’s wintertime, Albedo comes back.
    He’s like the Mariah Carey of Genshin

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