Version 2.5 “When the Sakura Bloom” Trailer | Genshin Impact

Version 2.5 “When the Sakura Bloom” Trailer | Genshin Impact

The ancient Sacred Sakura stands on the peak of Mt. Yougou, its roots running long and deep into the earth, stretching endlessly.
Underneath its shadow, there are people who wholeheartedly wish for blessings, a kitsune who is amused at the floating world, and a god who yearns for transient eternity.
Everything in this world changes, people come and go, but the Sacred Sakura blooms brilliantly every year, its petals going where the wind leads.

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42 Responses

  1. Wissle says:

    I keep thinking you cannot possibly keep the quality of your trailers on that insanely high level and so far every time you prove me wrong…
    So. Damn. Epic.

  2. justaMoogle says:

    I like how Enjou is a reoccurring side character, definitely enjoyed his antics in the story

  3. Jude says:

    I’m so happy to see Enjou getting more screentime, he’s such an endearing villain!

  4. 4VIIA Apoorva Chowdhury says:

    Raiden sounded more intimidating then Azdhaha. Her voice is sooo good. Kokomi is going to be in the event and I am thinking to pull for her since I skipped her( have her guarenteed if I am going to pull for her). Yae is cool too. Ayato looks good too uhhh I am confused. Excited for this update and 2.6 is already looking massive with The chasm and Ayato and some good reruns and some other good stuff.

  5. CrownieShorts says:

    2:10 absolute goosebumps with the shattered mirror 😍😍

  6. Yuna says:

    Now imagine The Raiden Shogun turning against HER OWN creator, bro this give me chills and I like it, but as far as I want to play the quest I’m still at 32

  7. Sonia’s Way says:

    You can see how much thought is put into these animations. Everything about this game is so well made

  8. F4IRY says:

    I think that this quest will be about the puppet going out of control. In ei’s story quest she mentioned having to do some things concerning the puppet. Me and many other people saw this as something bigger than what it was presented as. I theorise that we won’t be having conflicts with ei but with the puppet; the shogun. As ei said, the shogun wouldn’t let her order her anymore, and at the end we see two raidens. Ei’s weapon is a sword while the shoguns is the polearm. We know this because the playable character is the puppet with her signature weapon while the sword is the sword she pulls out of herself which is eis.

    • AstroidexAdam says:

      @s b In the Raiden Shogun puppet bossfight in chapter 2, the puppet used a sword while in Ei’s bossfight she uses a polearm

    • THExJMC says:

      You got it the wrong way around. The playable character is both Raiden and Ei. Ei has used the polearm on multiple occasions and we’ve only seen Raiden Shogun use the blade. It obviously makes sense that Raiden Shogun is the one going out of control, and the boss fight again is Raiden Shogun wielding a sword in Herrscher-esque form.

    • Defy Jr. says:

      Which puppet are you talking about because Scaramouch is one of them. It could be scaramouch

    • s b says:

      as everyone else said, ei is the one with the engulfing lightning. she even used that polearm in her story quest when she had a battle with kujou kamaji, remember that it was raiden ei talking all day, not the puppet raiden shogun.

  9. Ken Orcejola says:

    Honestly.. Ei before gave me goosebumps… Now she literally shakes us to our soul

  10. Micheya says:

    I just knew there’d be a time where we’d have conflict with the Raiden Shogun.

    When Ei said it’s functions were made to be unchangeable I just knew there’d be an issue in which she’d eventually have conflict with it.

    Ei changing her viewpoint, but the Raiden is unable to.

    In the Raiden’s eyes, her very creator may now become the enemy of eternity.

    • AkiTalks says:

      (Spoiler ig?)It was even said in Ei’s story that one day her and the Raiden Shogun would becomed enemies

    • Clause Tamaki says:

      @Alex T no when Makoto became the archon she recreated Ei body because Ei sacrificed herself for makoto to ascend and then all makoto did was just bring her back she didn’t make her stronger in her current form since Ei is already strong as is.

    • Clause Tamaki says:

      @SpikeTheWolf scaramouche is the prototype who was meant to just be a proof of concept and the shogun is the finished product

    • Alex T says:

      @SpikeTheWolf So Ei has had/created multiple bodies throughout her life :
      1. Her original body she was born in
      2. Her Archon body which is stronger than her older one ( or at least should be considering Venti was just an elemental spirit before he was an Archon )
      3. Scaramouche was created by Ei who trying to create bodies that can withstand the power of the Gnosis trying to bring her sister back and that failed
      4. The Raiden Shogun puppet is an artificial/mechanical body Ei created after the cataclysm and put her soul into in order to prevent corrosion ( look what it did to Azhdaha to understand why she would want to avoid it)

    • SpikeTheWolf says:

      So she made 3 bodies right? One became that dude the other failed and the last one was that her original body modified? Or what?

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