Version 2.7 “Hidden Dreams in the Depths” Trailer | Genshin Impact

Version 2.7 “Hidden Dreams in the Depths” Trailer | Genshin Impact

The mysteries in the depths of The Chasm are complicated and bewildering, and people have gathered here for different purposes.
The mountains and valleys stay silent while the visitors’ thoughts are in turmoil. Nevertheless, the path to finding answers is unclear.
Where daylight falls, there are still things left to be done and wishes to be fulfilled.

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32 Responses

  1. Ying - 莺 says:

    Hope the hoyoverse team is doing ok!! Thank you for giving us so much content during such rough times, PUMPED AS HECK FOR THIS UPDAAAATE

    • Ying - 莺 says:

      @Hope if you’re asking about the well-wishes in the comments section, it’s because shanghai’s been having a logistics crisis related to the COVID pandemic. hoyoverse’s office is based there so it’s resulted in a delay in the next version release, and a lot of the genshin community has been worried about the well-being of hoyoverse employees living there

    • Lorma says:

      @tropicthndr Yelan was always announced as Hydro lol. Dendro characters will come with Sumeru

  2. Unknown Aster says:

    My theory is that ‘evil’ guy with the glowing eyes is Bosacius, the other surviving yaksha. It’s been awhile since I thoroughly went through the lore surrounding the yaksha’s but Bosacius, which many including me theorise to be the 4 armed electro yaksha, was in the chasm when it collapsed. He probably got corrupted by whatever was down there, hence Xiao saying “No, if… still alive… why would you become like this?”
    Xiao most likely thought they died alongside the other yakshas while fighting each other when they succumbed to the karmic debt.
    Gah I’m so excited!! The only thing in the entirety of genshin impact that has my interest as much as the yaksha lore does is the possibly of Egyptian mythology being a huge part of the Sumeru storyline 😀
    Wait the floor at 1:32 the symbols, the anemo coloured one kinda looks like xiao’s mask. Another hint at the yakshas perhaps?

    • MaXimum says:

      I mean it’s definitely the Yaksha but what gets me worried is the Yaksha sounds like an NPC 😂😂 I hope we get to see him and not just a different color scheme of an npc

    • Kautsarr says:


    • Adrien Depienne says:

      I would like so much that we could play, by strange odd lore thingy method, the other yakshas and by that i mean fire , water and earth, especially water because i like her design and i really wonder what her powers could be….

    • Z says:

      @Unknown Aster that comment isn’t from someone pressed, it’s literally a normal comment, that is just clarifying smtg.

    • Hyunnie Wan says:

      That makes way too much sense–
      I thought he was saying “die with me” to traveller, but now I think it was for Xiao and I’m kinda worried…

  3. Wissle says:

    You’re back – HYPE!
    Hope you’re all doing well Hoyo-people.

  4. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Even during difficult times, the team gives us such amazing content! 👏🏻
    Yelan is so elegant and Shinobu is so badass 🤩

  5. Wman says:

    Glad the team is doing fine there. Can’t wait for 2.7!

  6. Silver Knight87 says:

    Both Yelan’s and Shinobu’s ENG VA’s are amazing, almost exactly how I expected them to sound. And of course the music slapped as always. Really excited for this update

  7. AmethystMoon says:

    I love that Xiao sounds softer now, despite still having a gruff voice. It is a nice balance for the English version

  8. ghosty says:

    the way she says “just focus on yourselves, I’ll take care of the rest” SOUNDS SO PRETTY

  9. lowwic says:

    i’m amazed honestly.
    1: how the team can still be working on such huge projects like this one, even with the whole thing going on in china. props for you guys.
    and 2: how great the trailer is and the characters are. amazing work hoyoverse.

  10. AWKWARD _CHAOS says:

    My jaw was on the floor for a solid 2 minutes I’m so hyped. My favorite boy Xiao is coming back, Yelan and Shinobu are here, new lore, and ANGST?? What more could I ever ask for?

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