Version 3.1 “King Deshret and the Three Magi” Trailer | Genshin Impact

Version 3.1 “King Deshret and the Three Magi” Trailer | Genshin Impact

The king who once commanded the sand, is now buried in it.
The walls that once stood strong against the sand, are now swept away by it.
Now, the hidden ruins are ready to welcome new visitors…
And reveal ancient, buried truths.

Dehya – Amber May
Candace – Shara Kirby
Cyno – Alejandro Saab
Nilou – Dani Chambers
Alhaitham – Nazeeh H. Tarsha
Il Dottore – Mick Wingert
Nahida – Kimberley Anne Campbell
Scaramouche – Patrick Pedraza
Mika – Robb Moreira
Paimon – Corina Boettger
Venti – Erika Harlacher-Stone
Klee – Poonam Basu
Bennett – Cristina Valenzuela
Jean – Stephanie Southerland

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34 Responses

  1. Wissle says:

    The amount of sumeru midriffs in this trailer… I died and have gone to heaven.

    Also REALLY looking forward to a Razor themed event, he was my first carry at the start of the game.
    Very nostalgic for me, ehe.

  2. Zu says:

    This trailer is jam-packed! Also, we’ll be finally seeing Dottore, which I’m suuuper excited about! And the Scara robot thingy? Scary, but amazing. Elated to see how the story will unfold!

  3. chonqyunss says:


    • yukultt says:

      @its Alex right but still i think it will be my favorite theres so much going on, we see dottore in there and katherine getting stabbed?? Katherine is important in the game we dont not know what will happen and its quite exciting

    • its Alex says:

      yea we say that about every version.. so 3.3 gonna better and 3.4 gonna be even better

  4. books says:

    I saw one second of Kaeya and freaked out. Candace is so awesome, so is Cyno

    Also anyone else laughed audibly when they saw Mika’s design?

  5. Timppa 3 says:

    I love Sumeru and the other regions, but Mondstadt just feels so nostalgic and warm. I got hyped for the first part of the trailer, but the last part with Mondstadt just genuinly made me smile.

  6. Iffi says:

    Genshin has really improved by their way of presenting archon quests, story quests everything is much more exciting thrilling!!! The scene where Katheryne got attacked ahhh 😭😭😭

  7. nastyspirits says:

    Alejandro Saab voicing Cyno is amazing! I can’t wait for 3.1, especially to see what happens with Katheryn and Scaramouche!

  8. Fish says:

    I love how Candace and Cyno are having these badass fight scenes with multiple strong enemies and then there’s Nilou fighting one mushroom

  9. luigi says:

    I need an extended version of the music playing when Cyno’s part plays, my god does it slap so hard

  10. Ire Naru says:

    Cyno’s voice fits him so well that I thought I had heard him before so I had to stop and think if it had been leaked. He sounds as he looks. It’s amazing

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