Version 3.5 Special Program|Genshin Impact

Version 3.5 Special Program|Genshin Impact

Dear Travelers,
This special program will feature juicy details about new game content and developments in Version 3.5. It will also “drop” some redemption codes and other goodies!
Special thanks to Travelers for your support and company. We will bring you more updates and information as they become available~
Travelers, we’ll see you there!
(The redemption codes from this special program will expire on February 17, 23:00 (UTC-5), so be quick and redeem them~)

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37 Responses

  1. A simple Pair of Socks says:

    I can’t wait to see what the Sumerian characters do in monstadt like just imagine collie meeting amber again after what happened in the past

    • hiddendrifts says:

      @mortem >way too soon
      I’ll be impressed if they even decide to remove his voicelines as a stand in for replacing them completely. it’d be funny to have dialogue and then suddenly silence when tighnari starts speaking. I reckon most people will prolly switch to other languages for a while in the wake of the controversy anyways

    • hiddendrifts says:

      @Want some Oreos just bc the actor behind the character was involved in some controversy doesn’t make the character itself just as bad

    • deathgripsfan says:


    • Angel Lozano V says:

      Tighnari will have a very important role in this event (2:17) and that’s what a true hero is, sacrificing his ears for us.

    • Kailyn Gibbs says:

      Just as wholesome as Klee meeting Yoimiya!!!

  2. JoeyMag says:

    I realize the voice lines would’ve been recorded way before Elliot’s downfall, but hearing him say that Cyno has ruined Sumeru’s reputation beyond repair (although jokingly) is so ironic

  3. Halo says:

    I do believe that this is proof that Khoi is the best Engish VA… “Who gave that child a crossbow…” had me dying

  4. ZaDussault says:

    Mika fighting with a crossbow and a book but still being a polearm is something

  5. Wissle says:

    I am so looking forward to Amber and Collei meeting, I hope it will be insanely wholesome

    Huh? How come Dehya goes on the standard banner, there already is a Pyro Claymore there Oo
    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have a Geo 5* added?

  6. neko says:

    dehya and diluc being two pyro claymore standard characters before a geo character is insane 😭

    • yummie says:

      @UntitledGoose Well many claimed Xinyan is better than C0 Dehya 🙂 does that make her the first 2* then?

    • UntitledGoose says:

      @FilzookaXD xinyan is honestly so bad she could be the first 3* character

    • yummie says:

      @stove yes there are.beta testers were able to play her already and *in unison* they claimed she is probably the worst 5 in the game but suit yourself and pull for her. Imma judge when I tested her, but every possible team for her already got debunked. as I said. read up on Theory crafters results about her and be sad like the people that actually wanted her to be good and got flatlined by this

    • Suraj Vinod says:

      Dehya literally has three Character names in her Bio, Dehya being the character name, Amber the English VA and Ayaka the JP VA. Ironically this is also the only way, Ayaka rerun makes any kind of sense.

    • Suraj Vinod says:

      We got the third quest with Dainslef and he is still not here. Albedo was a freaking bait oh now it makes sense Dehya is literally Pyro Albedo.

  7. anne mon says:

    “He got too much NPC vibes”
    “other than standing too close to the crafting table”
    “in case you play on your toaster”
    As expected of Khoi Dao 🤣🤣🤣
    I also love how Amber (Dehya’s VA) pretty much have the same reaction to her chibi form as Khoi

  8. kittimer says:

    I really want a Layla hangout !! 😭
    She’s so interesting and would also be a cool and immersive way to look into the inner-workings of the akedemiya like/with Faruzan ! Heck, there could even be a branch of her story that does something with Mona being a well-known astrology figure to her !

  9. ChibiHanami says:

    “In case you’re playing on your toaster” I can’t with Khoi that’s why I love seeing him on the special program!😂❤️

  10. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Putting kaeya and dainsleif in one quest this gonna be awesome wonder how their interaction will go down. finally more lore about khanre’iah.

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