Version 3.6 Special Program|Genshin Impact

Version 3.6 Special Program|Genshin Impact

Dear Travelers,
This special program will feature juicy details about new game content and developments in Version 3.6. It will also “drop” some redemption codes and other goodies!
Special thanks to Travelers for your support and company. We will bring you more updates and information as they become available~
Travelers, we’ll see you there!
(The redemption codes from this special program will expire on April 1, 00:00 (UTC-4), so be quick and redeem them~)

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53 Responses

  1. Verity Doyle says:

    Dori: Yeah Kaveh is poor
    Nahida: *Mood*

  2. ThePhoenixDevil says:

    Cyno and Wanderer fights like crazy
    Kaveh: Runs through the battlefield with a briefcase-

  3. AdmiraL says:

    That Cyno’s fighting with Scara moment… that’s gonna be interesting 👀

  4. soy.evelino says:

    I love how Baizhu heals you when you pick up plants/flora like wtf that’s such a cool mechanic!!!

  5. DaiShimaVT says:

    Please premiere these the same time as it goes up on twitch. You will see how much larger the Youtube audience truly is if you do so

    • M.T.K. says:

      ​@QueRish I here don’t use twitch or watch the special program live so…

    • biodragon882 says:

      @Raspian Kiado tomato, tomato. Deal probably still stands cause twitch will get those that wake up earlier to see the stream first, raking in the ad revenue.

    • Raspian Kiado says:

      @biodragon882 And by Twitch, you mean Amazon, the owners of Twitch.

    • vi says:

      some people have different timezones.. for me, the twitch streams are at 7am and the youtube streams are at 12pm

  6. Barry West-Allen says:

    Primoger Codes:
    They’ll expire on 4/1 or 1/4 12AM NY timezone

    0:00 Trailer
    2:26 Intro
    4:27 1st Primogem Code/Event Banners/New Weapon
    5:27 Baizhu (moveset 8:55)
    10:06 Kaveh (moveset 13:05)
    14:37 A Parade of Providence
    15:30 Rtawahist Game
    15:50 Kshahrewar Game
    16:15 Vahumana Game
    16:41 Haravatat Game
    17:04 Spantamad Game
    17:21 Amurta Game
    18:19 Layla Hangout
    18:31 Fulminating Sandstorm
    19:10 Brewing Developments
    19:56 Overflowing Mastery Rerun
    20:27 2nd Primogem Code/New Artifacts
    21:26 New Area
    22:15 The Recollector’s Path
    22:53 New Boss and Enemies
    23:44 Apep
    25:02 Sapientia Oromasdis Act II
    25:13 The Unfathomable Sand Dunes (desert OST)
    26:16 Final Code
    27:14 Conclusion

  7. kali says:

    from 1.0 to 3.6, time flies so fast : (

  8. Jett says:

    Challenge for Hoyoverse : Try to give Eula a rerun (IMPOSSIBLE)

    • mel says:

      ​@Raspberry Cookie no way we never knew wow

    • itz_kitsuka_anime says:

      1. Eula is probs getting a rerun in 3.8 according to reliable leaks.
      2. Dehya doesn’t need to be fixed cuz she was never anything wrong in the first place, the kit is her intentional kit. If u don’t like it, then that’s a you problem.

      That’s all 😊

    • Ana Bexx says:

      she had multiple reruns since release, wdym?

    • spooky says:

      ​@Oblivious IJ big slappy cosmetic for scout tf2 on the steam workshop reference

    • LegacySilverWing says:

      @minekocompared to Keqing banner tho, that one’s NEVER coming back. I feel old now ;-;

  9. Yoshimaster209 says:

    Would love to see Laura Faye Smith (Noelle) in one of there special programs. Ive actually met her once and was totally awesome. PS she also voices Rosalina in the Super Mario series too.

  10. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I can’t believe an OST leaked as a battle theme for the Chasm back in version 2.6 is finally gonna be used for the Dendro Dragon. That’s amazing

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