Very Cool Spring Break Video

Very Cool Spring Break Video

Man, what a sick spring break!
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Gus goes to the California beaches on a wicked spring break trip.

I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.

Thanks for watching and sharing! Don’t stab people. I’ll see you later.

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53 Responses

  1. MrEdUrAt says:

    Where’s working man 9?

  2. tits mcgee says:

    I’m gay

  3. AvocadoAtrocity says:


  4. Gus Johnson says:

    wow, what a beautiful world we live in. please follow me on twitter so i can fool myself into thinking i don’t need to go outside. @Gusbuckets

  5. TJ Kobussen says:

    I think gus might be starting to lose himself. He’s becoming his characters.

  6. Gebirgs says:



  7. DammitSinged says:

    _Trenton sounds like the most Mid Western name ever._

  8. toblrwn says:

    Here before Trenton


  9. Caleb Tennison says:

    Hand to God, Trenton doesn’t honor bro code.

  10. keeponrockin says:

    Dude you could have a cornrow down your stomach

  11. Livin' Like Larry says:

    You should have worn a speedo, that’ll gettem chasing you.

  12. JediJoe2001 says:

    Is that the guy who forgot to put tape in to record the tree falling? Hmmmmm

  13. Hᴇᴊ Mᴏɴɪᴋᴀ says:

    1:19 that’s a verbal commitment
    Now you have to make another one next year.

  14. Knorkrax says:

    I am more aroused than I should be.

  15. abelina sabrina says:

    Trenton’s dad had to come pick him up

  16. Very Krass says:

    *H E B R O K E T H E S P R I N G*

  17. adam mac says:

    Gus, you’re a lot like that pine cone. You don’t really belong there.. and it hurts when someone steps on you.

  18. Bobby Duke Arts says:

    Frick is the new dadgum

  19. Grace Motley says:

    I love it

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