Veterans Voices | Listening is Honoring

Veterans Voices | Listening is Honoring

Andy Fancher is a 19-year-old on a mission to preserve history. For the past three years, he’s been documenting the stories of World War II veterans on his YouTube channel. This Veterans Day, he’s using the StoryCorps app to record an oral history with an important veteran in his life, and archive it in the Library of Congress.

Visit to record an oral history with a veteran in your life.

In honor of the brave individuals who have served our country, StoryCorps, Google and YouTube are working together to highlight the stories of past and present service members from all branches of the military with a Veterans Day Google Doodle that features the voices of five veterans.


To learn more about the Veterans Day Google Doodle, visit:

To learn more about Andy Fancher’s films, visit his YouTube Channel:

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60 Responses

  1. TS says:

    Happy Veterans Day!

  2. marcosojeda Androide says:

    google my heart!?

  3. Brian G. says:

    I heard about this kid I’m proud of him and I’m glad that he’s doing this God bless him!

  4. SSArt98 says:

    Thank’s Grandpa & All For Serving!
    _My Grandfather’s Birthday is 11/11/17 & he was a Midshipman in the Navy at Pearl Harbor._
    Missing you & My Father (served as an MP in the Airforce).
    *_Thanks Veterans, with all our respect & L♥ve, thanks!_*

    • SSArt98 says:

      +styldsteel1 It would’ve been today, his 101st Birthday. _Grandpa Tucker passed on May 6, 1997, & I miss him today as much as I did the day he went away._
      _My MEME:_ *SSArt98*
      Is all about Grandpa.
      He always wanted me to quit buying beater cars and to buy a brand new one in which I did in 1996. A Black Super Sport 1996 Impala. He was so proud of me and I of him, I named the car and my MEME after him.
      *SS* = Super Sport
      *Art* = My Grandfathers first name and my middle name, Arthur.
      *98* = Well I wanted 96 but that # was taken in 1996.
      *_So my vanity plate on my Impala read SSArt_*
      *_Truth, Peace, Freedom & L♥ve2ALL™_*

    • Bob Stickman says:

      +SSArt98 Surprised and glad these comments haven’t fallen to toxicity yet, on days like these it’s unwarranted and It’s a good time to honor our fallen.
      Happy Veteran’s Day!

    • Darkcat 8 says:

      My grandfather was a Navy seal aswell and he is still with us thanks for all of the people in you life for serving or not serving but thanking people for serving and I think we should all think about the times you can think and hear stories from those who served they can have sad or very exciting experiences and they decided to share their experiences to you and I think that’s awesome

    • leon dillon says:

      If your father was in the USAF, he served in the Air Police, later renamed Security Police. The SP on the left sleeve caused many people to think that the Shore Patrol was present!!

    • SSArt98 says:

      +leon dillon Yes, his band did show, “SP”.

  5. ingridgott says:

    happy veterans day my respect and love

  6. Juan The Neko says:

    May God bless those who have fought, whether they are still with us or deceased. Us the American people owe you our lives, those imbeciles and human scum who burn the Stars and Stripes do not recognize the risk and courage you give to let them do what they are commiting. No matter how small or how big your sacrifice, what war you may have fought in, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Barbary Wars, The Great War, World War II, or the current War on Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, I will always be grateful for the service you have given and the freedoms you have passed down to us, Americans.

    God Bless everyone of military experience and service or has served 🙂

    • DepressionIsTooMuch says:

      My Great Grandpa Was In World War II Sadly He Passed Away

    • Juan The Neko says:

      +DepressionIsTooMuch I am truly sorry for your loss, but his sacrifice to keep the world safe will never be forgotten nor in vain. God bless your grandfather.

    • DepressionIsTooMuch says:

      +Juan The Neko Thanks For This WonderFul Comment God Bless You

    • Gary Spivey says:

      The veterans, both still with us and deceased, fought for American values. They fought so we could continue living in liberty, able to express whatever opinions we want. They fought so both positive and negative opinions, from LGBTQ rights to fascism could be freely expressed. People burning flags is a symbol that their efforts were not in vain. People who burn flags are expressing their opinions, not spitting on the memories of veterans.

      Plus, although veterans fought for American values, many of these wars were actually started because of the interests of a small but powerful minority of the American population. Many of these wars were not for the good of the country, but quite the opposite actually. If we didn’t enter all these wars, I think the government would infringe less on the liberties of the American people. Now, I’m not saying I don’t appreciate veterans for their sacrifices. You won’t see me volunteering to enter the living hell that is war, and I respect soldiers for bravely taking that responsibility. But to say that shipping off so many soldiers was necessary to preserve the United States is wrong.

    • Scooters Videos says:

      Bless those who defended America when she needed it, and those millions killed in our war crimes ever since.

  7. Taylor Easton says:

    Happy Centennial of the end of World War 1. Many thanks to those who have served.

  8. Supreme Bape says:

    We here in America have a caravan of illegals coming marching towards our country. Our military has been deployed to stop this incoming threat. GOD BLESS EVERY SINGLE VET!!

    • Supreme Bape says:

      +DarkBrotherInThaHood they are not seeking asylum when they were in Mexico they offered them Mexican asylum they turned it down. If they are truly just seeking asylum why did they turn down Mexico offer then? Oh I know because the united states is better! We will give them better medical care and housing all for “free” aka taxpayer money.

      Everyone one of us is seeking a better life. But that doesnt mean I get to go to a rich person’s house kick their door in and walk in with my hands up. Screaming look at everything you have! I have nothing! thats just idiotic

    • John Miller says:

      Caravan is gone now. The election is over. Military will be leaving soon (which cost 50 mil. to deploy) You have been duped. If there was a hint of a threat from those people Fox News would be still reporting on it. Right? They are not.

    • Supreme Bape says:

      +John Miller where did you get that news from? They along with anyone who cares are still reporting on it. A quick google search caravan will tell you….. They are just a month away and have just left mexico city. They want to get here during December thinking the guards/military might have the christmas spirit. NEWSFLASH we wont! We will shoot to kill if necessary!

    • John Miller says:

      +Supreme Bape Your “caravan” is a bunch of people ( now a fraction in numbers compared to last month) moving northward to seek asylum in the US. They done this several times before , but there was no election, so it barely made the news. We already have border guards. Use of the military was just a campaign ploy to ramp things up. It would have been illegal to use the military on US soil anyway. It’s against the law. Read your Constitution. Don’t be a fool.

    • Supreme Bape says:

      +John Miller The Posse Comitatus Act, which passed after the Civil War to keep federal troops from policing the South, limits federal troops’ deployment on U.S. soil and forbids using them to enforce domestic laws. The President can deploy troops if there’s an insurrection or invasion on U.S. soil.

      read the last sentence….this is classified as an invasion

  9. koko says:

    Wish veterans would receive the respect they deserve here. In some countries, I know people who get on their knees and bow down to veterans to show respect. Thank you for your services!! I know I was never brave enough to serve, but i will ALWAYS show my appreciation and respect to the ones who fought for my country to preserve our freedom.

  10. Vodugue says:

    Happy Veterans Day everyone, and may God bless those who fought and sacrificed. May y’all be remembered…

  11. Skye Robertson says:

    happy veterans day!

  12. Fat Max says:

    May GOD bless all brave VETS… We owe the country to them

  13. The Amazing Jack says:

    Lol half of the comments are “Happy Veterans Day” and the other half is ether political stuff or that google is evil or something lol

  14. First Last says:

    Thank you to everyone who has served this great country! Thank you for your service and fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today

  15. 1929modelagirl says:

    The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. The War to End All Wars.
    My uncle served in Europe during WW11, my father spent the war at Los Alamos trying to help end.
    I wish all veterans, of all wars, gratitude and honor.
    Blessed be

  16. Blessed Llama says:

    We thank y’all very serving our country. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. CrushTheInfamy88 says:

    Happy Armistice Day. The best thing we can do for our veterans is to stop sending them to fight in senseless wars.

    • MyNameISJeff JEEFF says:

      +The 11th Doctor lol, he’s a troll.
      Get with the times people

    • The 11th Doctor says:

      +MyNameISJeff JEEFF I never know. There are some really stupid people out there.

    • 777 says:

      Stop voting for republicans than? Go look on wikipedia the party in charge everytime the US goes to war. Spoiler alert: Its the republicans. They love war.

    • ʬīyt says:

      777 “than” should be “then.” Nice grammar. But you already knew that right? It’s not like you sit around making negative comments that deal with politics that dissuade 0 people. Just off yourself.

    • 777 says:

      +ʬīyt The truth hurts right? Republican voters might not love war, but the republican leaders in congress do. So if you vote for them, you are indirectly supporting war. They love testing out their new military weapons and selling advanced weapon systems to other countries. They spread war and destruction across the globe and are responsible for dragging us into every single useless war. Sorry if the truth hurts your feelings buddy.

  18. The Forbidden Fruit says:

    If it was the last century today on NOVEMBER 11 1918 world war 1 would have ended

  19. We are God says:

    war doesn’t determine who’s right only who is left –

  20. Dixie Normus says:

    Veteran’s never get the respect they deserve.

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