VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 6

VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 6

Keanu Reeves Stops Armed Robbery! ► https://youtu.be/3dBiNGufIJw

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Scene 38 reimagined by FXitInPost: https://youtu.be/to2SMng4u1k

This Episode ►
Niko, Sam and Clint sit down once again to react to some of Hollywood’s zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?

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39 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    How about reacting to the VFX of District 9? I loved that movie

  2. 2019 Lamborghini Aventador S says:

    No i haven’t fought in any wars….. but I went to the Smithsonian this one time so that counts

  3. ActuallyNo says:

    Quicksilver saving everyone from the exploding mansion in X-men apocalypse

  4. TopHatPenguin says:

    This sounds weird but I want y’all to react to video game cg with stuff like call of duty and Kevin spacey or halo

  5. Senor RompeCulo says:

    Yall REALLY need to go over ex-machina.. the visual effects in there are ridiculous..

  6. Andrew Weidner says:

    A great react moment is Alien Covenant when Michael Fassbender’s two android characters are talking to each other cross legged. The shot is uncut/hides the cuts really well

  7. MythicG115 says:

    I’ve learned so much about CGI from these videos. Keep up the good work?

  8. MythicG115 says:

    You guys should review the visual effects of each movie that has won the Academy award for Best Visual Effects

  9. WhyNotAnimations says:

    When Spider-Man Far From Home comes out on digital can you react to the Mysterious Illusion sequence

  10. Ramz Channel says:

    When he said 10 years ago I didn’t even think 2009 smh I’m getting old

  11. Brad Asbury says:

    Thanks for looking at a couple of Blade Runner 2049 scenes finally. There’s so many more prime examples of amazing VFX & CG in this film too!

  12. DoctorBarbarian says:

    As an unapologetic cinephile, I absolutely love these. Also, please do Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Starship Troopers and Cabin In The Woods, please!

  13. Chris Foster says:

    I’d love to see a fully remastered /re cg’d version of the matrix trilogy…..fingers are crossed!

  14. Natalie Rogers says:

    Would love to see you talk about pre-serum Steve Rogers from The First Avenger!

  15. GenMagination Studios says:

    You should react to Coldplay’s Up and up music video.

  16. Nicholas Pozega says:

    Have you guys reacted to any of the brilliant practical FX scenes from Who Framed Roger Rabbit yet?

  17. Noah Karmiol says:

    Corridor: If you become a patron on our patreon page you can vote for what clips we see!

    Also Corridor: Leave a comment below for what clip you want of to react to next!

  18. dat good says:

    Do godzilla dammit. 2014 one and maybe king of the monsters.

  19. Riva Petrash says:

    Another marvel episode but this time with
    x-men (quicksilver) venom and Steve Rogers before the serum

  20. Khoi Nguyen says:

    The detail about 12fps and 24fps in the spider verse blew my mind ??

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