VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

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The Crew reacts to some of their favorite Bad and Great CGi Shots from the Star Wars Prequels!

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37 Responses

  1. Kevin Lassberg says:

    Clone Wars brought Maul back as fanservice to old legends material, his storyline was really well done there

  2. SEXCOPTER RUL says:

    heres the best idea:

    react to the matrix knockoff, “the one”

  3. cpudude30k says:

    Fwiw, maul has been back since season 4 of the clone wars

  4. whocantexplain says:

    React to Maul being confirmed not dead over a decade earlier than SOLO.

    • Jesse says:

      I was so mad when he said that 😀

    • Jessica Anderson says:

      LOL, yeah every time people complain about that, I’m like “Dudes, Maul has been back since like 2011.”

    • Iain Kilcar says:

      Jerome Derkinsmoof I agree but they shouldn’t have had that scene in solo

    • TohDoh says:

      @Iain Kilcar Why not? It makes complete sense. We know that he was a crime lord between TCW and Rebels, and it would be completely feasible for him to be in charge of crimson dawn.

    • Johnny Steps says:

      @TohDoh Yeah I didn’t have a problem with it. OTHER aspects of Solo, unfortunatley….

  5. Flabalicous Fabio says:

    What could of made the Hobbit CGI better next episode

  6. Legless Lego Legolas says:

    You guys should react to effect shots from LOTR and the Hobbit.

  7. Austin Egor says:

    Can you react to the disc games/light cycles from Tron legacy

  8. Paul Alexander says:

    True story, Christopher Lee’s head was C+V’ed onto a stunt double during the Yoda fight.

  9. Tom Ebener says:

    I would love to see a breakdown of blade runner 2049 because I think it has some astounding vfxs

  10. LockDown Moe says:

    React to game of thrones vfx shots
    By the way I love your channel

  11. Cookn Media Studios says:

    Lord of the Rings/Hobbit effects reaction, please.

  12. Ryan Noyce says:

    How did they do like half the scenes in ready player one?! Hint “next video” cough cough

  13. Sahil Pethe says:

    Transformers 3 shockwave splitting the building in half please!

  14. MisterTwister says:

    People: Solo brought Maul back for no reason, lol

    Clone Wars Show: Am I a joke to you?

  15. QuasarOne says:

    React to Mad Max Fury Road, its got great practical effects and uses equally great VFX to improve them

  16. Felix Albrecht says:

    React to Pixar films! For example The Incredibles vs The Incredibles 2…

  17. Ethen Curtis says:

    I’m sorry solo decided maul was alive?
    Some one haven’t watched clone wars

  18. Bombird 88 says:

    Who else facepalmed when they said Solo was the movie that brought Maul back from the dead ?‍♂️

    • TohDoh says:

      I loved his storyline in TCW and Rebels too. Honestly TCW is the best SW content we’ve ever gotten.

  19. Doutor Estranho says:

    React to CGI animals. Like Goose the Cat in Captain Marvel

  20. Eben Pajanconi says:

    BRUH EPISODE 3?? They shoulda reacted to the fight on Mustafar with all the lava background ?..

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