Victor Wembanyama Drops 27 PTS & 12 REB in 2nd SL Game 🔥 FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Victor Wembanyama Drops 27 PTS & 12 REB in 2nd SL Game 🔥 FULL HIGHLIGHTS

San Antonio Spurs vs Portland Trail Blazers – Full Game Highlights | July 9, 2023 NBA Summer League


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53 Responses

  1. Kelly Wakasa says:

    this man is a PROBLEM excited to see this guy evolve

  2. Erick Khan says:

    lmao yall forgot he’s 19. When he’s 24 with 5 years of Pop and Duncan mentorship there wont be anybody who can stop him 🫣

  3. Foster says:

    Y’all ain’t talking now😂. Bro had one bad game and the world turned on him. Glad to see him getting buckets. Hopefully he gets even better with time.

  4. Kyon Senzu says:

    This guy is a cheat code. Shame on everyone dissing this man for 1 bad game.

  5. Daniel Torres says:

    He knew he had a bad game and he work on his craft and came back swinging. This is what makes this kid special. Great game Wemby! 🔥

  6. OLL 49 says:

    It’s absolutely insane how quickly people will switch up… Vic just needed a game or two to settle into the nba style now he’s a bucket

    • Christian RockaFellur says:

      I mean I agree, but this is Summer League.. This isn’t Embiid, Joker, Harden, James typa talent broski

    • MannyYo says:

      RIGHT. Felt he was a little bit rushing and overly excited the first game too which is fine. Knew he would have a better game next time.

    • ballislife1805 says:

      ​@Christian RockaFellureven when he has a good game you are still hating. Just let him have his moment bruh

    • VeritableVagabond says:

      Jesus social media is exhausting…

  7. mron51 says:

    This kid is absurd. If he stays healthy, he’s going to be the next generational star.

  8. Sanban67 says:

    Knew he wasn’t gonna be a bust he just needed to get those first day jitters out the way. Great Job Wembanyama!!

    • Marcus a Bukket says:

      Icl that don’t mean he not gonna be a bust but I hope he isnt

    • Sanban67 says:

      @Marcus a Bukket Nah bros already going to be a great asset to any team

    • Noone says:

      @Sanban67way to early to say he isnt a bust, im not saying he is gonna be one but the season hasnt even started 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

    • juju 32 says:

      @Noone define a bust? There’s no way in hell if he stays healthy he’s not a really good player. Sounds harsh but people who think he would ever be an Anthony Bennett or Kwame Brown level of bust have a low basketball IQ. Wemby is way too talented, humble, smart and athletic at his size to not figure out how to be very effective.

      Also look at the greatest big men drafted after 2000.
      Yao Ming 22years old 13pts 8reb
      Dwight Howard 12pts 10reb Rookie
      Anthony Davis 13pts 8reb rookie
      Giannis year 2 12pts 6reb
      Joel Embiid didn’t play the first 2 seasons after being drafted 20 and 7 rookie.
      Jokic stayed overseas 1 extra year after being drafted 10pts 7reb as a rookie.
      Karl Anthony Towns 18pts 10reb the best true rookie big man drafted at 19years old or younger in NBA history improved the least.

      People will think Wemby is overhyped if he’s not an allstar year 1. We won’t know the final version of him until at least 3 years from now, most careers its later.
      This is the worst he’ll ever be.

  9. The_Frosty_Vette says:

    The best thing I see from him so far is that he knows how to land. He’s always looking where he’s putting his feet before he does anything.

  10. King Sheep says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I was impulsive and wrong to be disappointed in Wemby after one bad game. That was my bad, and he proved me wrong right away. Can’t wait to see him this season.

    • WhoisHendough? says:

      U don’t know ball one game don’t define u

    • Christian RockaFellur says:

      lmao the haters saying he sucked yesterday, and now the fanboys saying “Bro he’s him, bro bro he’s insane” Like come on.. This is a summer league game.. Zion Williamson looked like a phenom too.. being that tall, and being fat, and or a stick is a recipe for disaster. Now Wemby may go and become a generational superstar, but to sit here and act like you can decipher that in 1-2 games is bonkers lmao. I’ll pass my judgement after a full 82 game season, nothing more nothing less.

    • for the 3 says:

      His first game was disappointing nothing wrong with that but it’s only a problem if you started calling him a bust after 1 game

    • Peter Hsueh says:

      Right. Who is great at first day of school? Give him time and you hope to see repetitive success like this.

    • 3P says:

      @WhoisHendough?goes both ways

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